SLO County administrator fired amid allegations of sexual harassment

November 17, 2023

John Nilon


Following a more than two hour special San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors meeting, County Council Rita Neal announced Friday that the board had voted unanimously to fire John Nilon, the county’s interim administrative officer, for cause.

Nilon took over as county administrative officer on May 1, filling a vacancy created by Wade Horton’s resignation. Shortly after he stepped in, several female employees began complaining of unwanted touching, according to county sources.

At the time, however, no action was taken. It is unclear what prompted the board to call the special meeting.

During his time with the county, Nilon was paid approximately $25,000 a month, a $450 monthly car allowances and $1,475 a month for health insurance.

Horton resigned amid an evaluation requested by a member of the board majority – Bruce Gibson, Jimmy Paulding or Dawn Ortiz Legg – after Horton noted issues with joining Community Choice Energy.

Prior to his appointment to the board, Nilon made a donation to Gibson’s 2022 reelection campaign.

Assistant County Administrative Officer Rebecca Campbell will now serve as interim county administrative officer.


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The County’s ‘s news release says nothing about alleged sexual harassment, nothing about anything sexual is even mentioned. Instead, it says “an investigation of improper conduct toward women in violation of the County’s policy against discrimination and harassment.”  To be clear, the county policy is called, “Policy against discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, abusive conduct, and retaliation.” 


Why does the county so carefully not use the term “sexual harassment?” Most likely because they couldn’t prove it, maybe didn’t even allege it. Instead they use some vague claim of “improper conduct toward women.”  Oddly, the county’s policy doesn’t mention anything about “improper conduct toward women.”  

Typical Board of Supervisor’s dysfunction. 

$323,100 in annual compensation plus retirement benefits, we are financially harassed.

Now, gang of five, hire someone in the $16,000 to $18,000 per month range plus auto, plus healthcare, plus retirement benefits. You will get someone.

In addition to the $25k per month for this interim job, he he’s also raking in about $200k per year in a pension pay out from his former job.

Hey Bruce, what did you know and when?

Apparently this turd didn’t get any severance pay, but I bet he got many letters of recommendation from various fellow bean counters.

It must be time to raise salaries so we can attract the best and brightest.

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People in cults are blinded by trump’s criminal activities.