SLO County Sheriff’s Office warns of phone scam

November 2, 2023


The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office warned residents yesterday of a caller who is impersonating a deputy in an effort to scam locals.

As part of the scam, the caller tells their target that they have an issue with a federal agency and that a payment is needed to resolve the matter. The caller’s phone number is “spoofed,” which made it appear to be coming from an actual number at the SLO County Sheriff’s Office.

In addition, the caller provides a fictitious name and badge number.

The SLO County Sheriff’s Office wants residents to know they do not contact people by phone to ask for money. Investigators are asking anyone who receives a call like this to report it to their local law enforcement agency.

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HEY BOOMERS. y’all know how to use FaceBook. Sign up your name to the Federal No Call List. Lordy. I’m so tired of Boomers giving away all their Cash to African Hookers and Czech Mail Order Brides.

It is good that scammers follow the law and refrain from calling folk on the “no call list.”

I am so sick of calls like this and spam calls that fill up my caller list… I’m getting 10 spam calls a day… I thought our worthless congressmen and women fixed this issue… did the spam companies pay them off or what?…

If you want to get rich create a devise that recognizes a spam call and blocks it from ringing your phone…. and an app for cell phones that will do the same thing…

The “Do Not Call” law exempted political calls. My I-phone notes “Potential Spam” on calls from unknown numbers.