Oceano board picks Paavo Ogren for interim general manager

December 5, 2023

Paavo Ogren


The Oceano Community Services District selected Paavo Ogren to serve as interim general manager during a closed session meeting on Monday.

Amid refusals by several board members to abide by open meeting laws, both the district’s legal council and manager tendered their resignations in October. General manager Will Clemens will continue serving the district through the end of 2023.

Following Monday’s closed session meeting, the board directed Clemens to come back with a contract regarding the temporary appointment of Ogren. The board also directed staff to initiate a formal search for a general manager and to place the final selection of new legal counsel on the Dec. 13 agenda.

In 2019, Ogren retired as general manager of the Oceano Community Services District. Since then, he has worked as a consultant for San Simeon, as the Water Resource Advisory Committee appointee of SLO County Supervisor Dawn Ortiz-Legg, and as a consultant for the SLO County Integrated Waste Management Authority.

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Huge mistake, which everyone other than the Oceano bean counters realize. But the good news: he’s not effing up your town if you don’t live in Oceano.

Paavo has made double dipping a thing for beginners in government, he’s up to what quadruple dipping now?

Is it possible that the OCSD is in such a screwed up mess that only a participant in the mess can figure it out? If so, follow the San Simeon district to dissolution.

Is it also possible that part of the reason it is so screwed up in the first place is due to to some of these former managers, Paavo being one of them.

Paavo Ogren lousy choice for interim GM.


Paavo never seems to go away just keeps resurfacing.

Man, this Ogren cat is like a bad penny that always turns up. Perhaps its time for him to enjoy that retirement and stay retired.

Congrats, I hope. It’s very difficult to find new recruits because of our local housing sticker shock. Then again if we required Chinese print as we do Spanish print, there would be an enormous infusion of cash home purchases as well as extremely qualified Chinese candidates.

All thanks to a large group of officials who work to keep the costs to build housing up and in turn continually raise their salaries.

A three bedroom, two bath home in Margarita is about $850K and don’t forget the cost of energy when the weather is below freezing and over 100 degrees. Yes we can lower the cost of government by using a call center, just like other corporations do.