Speakers critical of trans movement coming to Cal Poly, sparking controversy

December 5, 2023


A pair of speakers who are critical of the transgender movement will speak at Cal Poly Tuesday evening at an event that is sparking controversy on the university campus.

The conservative organization Turning Point USA is holding an event featuring speakers Chloe Cole and Chris Elston, who is commonly known as “Billboard Chris.” Elston is a father and activist who speaks out against children undergoing gender transitioning.

Cole, a 17-year-old girl, began transitioning from female to male at the age of 13. Then at 16, she de-transitioned and began to speak out against medical intervention for minors who suffer from gender dysphoria, Turning Point USA says.

Turning Point USA is titling the event as “A dad and a detransitioner’s take on the transgender movement.” Chloe Cole and Billboard Chris will explain truth and myths surrounding the transgender movement, according to a Turing Point USA social media post.

Promotion of the event has led to criticism, including from Cal Poly English Department Assistant Professor Maya Hislop, who sent an email to her African American literature students warning them about Tuesday’s forum.

“This event seems like it will be spreading lies about the trans community rather than engaging with their need for protection, justice and liberation,” Hislop wrote in the email. “This is especially dangerous when Black trans women are murdered and/or violated more often than any other group.”

Cal Poly’s Pride Center will hold counter-events for individuals feeling unsafe due to the Turning Point USA event, Hislop stated.

Elston responded to Hislop in an X post criticizing the assistant professor.

“Maya, I understand you won’t allow yourself to think rationally, but I’m trying to ‘liberate’ children from the ghoulish doctors and child abusers like yourself who teach them that they are born wrong,” Elston wrote on X. “See you December 5th! Come learn something.”

The event is scheduled for 5 p.m. Tuesday in Building 8, Room 123.

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Elston need not be so rude to people who don’t agree with him. Can’t he make his point on campus without insulting people in our community? It’s totally not necessary and does nothing but create more division and animosity in our community. I think he owes an apology to Ms. Hislop.

The horrific results Chloe Cole experienced after being subjected to the misguided madness from medical professionals left her permanently mutilated and no closer to ever becoming a male. Her experience and warnings are overwhelmingly profound and persuasive as she sheds light on her struggle with gender dysphoria. Her precautionary and impactful message needs to be heard by all, both young and old, who want to learn more about the subject.

and schools are cultural centers, we should all share our indoctrinations and biases in peace without negative emotions.

I’m not sure how someone sharing their personal experience with transgender treatments is ideology? Or bias? Sounds like some people don’t like facing truth.