Righetti High teacher removed after photo shows inappropriate behavior

December 5, 2023

Righetti High School


A school resource officer removed a substitute teacher from the Righetti High School campus in Santa Maria on Friday after a photo circulated allegedly showing the teacher with his pants down and a Pringles can in front of his crotch. [KSBY]

The substitute teacher was sitting behind a desk with his pants down around his knees and holding the Pringles can in front of his crotch, an image circulating on social media reportedly shows. The incident has garnered significant attention on the Righetti High School campus.

A Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office school resource officer came into a classroom and removed the substitute teacher. It is unclear, though, if the teacher was arrested.

Both the sheriff’s office and the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District are continuing to investigate the incident. The school district has removed the man from its substitute teacher pool.

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Are you kidding?? What an insane scenario! Who in their right mind would do such a thing? Enough of the craziness in schools. For crying out loud these are our kids having to endure such freaky behavior from the adults whom are supposed to be examples for them to follow! First the wacko Texter perv teacher with the “Look the other way” Administrators, and now this guy dropping his pants in class? What the heck is going on?

Sadly, Ernest Righetti has a bizarre history of sexual perversion. Just a couple of years ago, a male Righetti Vice Principal was caught in his office having sex with a male assistant basketball coach, and law enforcement was involved in that case as well.

Leadership ought to set a high standard, enforce good employee conduct, and stop these incidents from ever occurring, enough is enough.

Even more troubling is that the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District is a low-performing school district,, and many of their graduates can barely read or write. Districts like this are why we need school choice, charter schools and outside takeover of districts who fail to teach students. Last year, this district cancelled a Health class requirement to implement a ‘Ethnic & Gender Studies’ requirement, political correctness at its worst.inappropriate

Not a drag queen. I feel the need to keep pointing this out on all of these horrible stories of pedophiles and sex offenders. Let’s keep our concerns focused on the true predators.

Why all the downvotes? Why so sensitive? Are those pesky facts getting in the way of your narrative again????

How do you know they are not a draq queen?

San Luis High has a job opening for him.

You can’t make the sh*t up!!!

If the allegations are true, this is horrible not acceptable behavior. And good for Santa Maria School District for taking quick action. I have to ask, who took the picture, who was the original poster of the photo and why are students following a teacher on social media?

A student took the picture from under a desk and it was quickly posted on social media. The caption says, “Bro wtf is this sub doing?” Hard to tell what he’s doing, but his pants are clearly down around his shins.

Why would a student (during class) even think to look under the desk to take a picture? There is something missing in this story. I’m not saying it didn’t happen but 1 + 1 are not equaling 2.

Definitely bizarre!!

It was posted on an Orcutt Facebook page by an anonymous poster, who said – Anonymous member

Yes from what I was told, my kid did not want me to post so I’m not using my name. It’s a screenshot of a students snap chat.

Another person said – yes all the kids said he was urinating in the pringles can.