Santa Ynez official and husband arrested for entering Capitol on Jan. 6

December 20, 2023

Karen Jones


Federal agents arrested a Central Coast Community Services District board member and her husband for being inside the United States Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot. [Independent]

Karen Jones is a Santa Ynez Valley Community Services District director who ran unsuccessfully for Santa Barbara County supervisor in 2016 and 2020. Jones surrendered to federal authorities on Dec. 14 in Austin, Texas. 

Authorities arrested Jones’s husband, Robert Jones, on the same day in Los Angeles. Both Karen and Robert Jones are charged with four counts of entering a restricted building and disorderly conduct. Each count carries a maximum potential sentence of one year in prison. 

Video footage from Jan. 6, 2001 shows both Karen and Robert Jones inside the Capitol wearing Trump caps. 

“I was in the first wave up the stairs,” Karen Jones shouted into a microphone on Jan. 6, video footage shows. “Took a little pepper spray. Didn’t think I’d ever be sprayed by cops in my own country. I support the police.”

An arrest warrant states the FBI confirmed the couple’s identity through cell phone and credit card records; flight and hotel bookings; and physical surveillance of their Santa Ynez home. 

In June, Jones defended her actions while speaking at a comedy show in Austin. Jones said she did not do anything that she thought was illegal, and she only entered a public section of the building, not a private office or any other restricted area. 

“I have been to the Capitol multiple times, and there has never been any reason not to go in,” Jones said. 


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I wonder if the home of Jones was thoroughly ransacked by federal agents? After viewing the news about an unarmed female veteran with empty hands in the air was shot and killed by a peace officer, I do believe there is more than just a spontaneous riot. Also we can’t forget the request, by Trump, for more security was denied by Pelosi. Trump’s biggest crime was his great performance at protecting this country. Yes his loyalist were aggressive and he asked for more crowd control but was denied. We should be terrified that there is so much hatred over his challenge, that which we are supposed to embrace as a free country.

It’s a moot point whether or not there were FBI agents among the insurrectionists. it is the job of the FBI to identify and root out those who aim to hurt our nations government either through violence, intimidation, or property damage.

As far as I know, they have not been any January 6 defendants, who claim they were forced or coerced by government officials, other than members of the Trump administration, into being part of that riot we’re so many people voiced their murderous intent. Thank God they failed. and now they must be accountable.

I say prosecute the Jan. 6th clowns AND the BLM rioters and looters. Equal justice under the law.

To be fair, the crimes you were trying to compare are not of equal seriousness or consequence