SLO County District Attorney Dow sends holiday wishes from Kuwait

December 25, 2023

District Attorney Dan Dow and Christopher Monk


San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow sent holiday greetings to his family in Templeton and all the resident of the county from Kuwait in a video the U.S. Army released on Christmas.

Dow, who is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army National Guard, was deployed to the Middle East in September. Standing next to Sgt. First Class Christopher Monk from San Miguel, Dow wished county residents a wonderful holiday season.

Monk wished happy holidays to his family in San Miguel and all those at Camp Roberts.

Dow’s division is slated to build partnerships and increase regional security in the Middle East, including Iraq, Jordan and Kuwait. Dow did not disclose how long his tour will last.

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Very nice greetings. Obviously there is a civilized world out there and our home personalities are doing their part to promote safety for all.

We can all be proud of the selfless public servant, SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow. Besides public service in the legal realm, Dan Dow’s extensive record of service also includes serving in the U.S. military, and we should be proud to have such an honorable public servant in our midst.

The only people that need to fear or dislike Dan Dow are criminals and terrorists!

Thank you, DA Dan Dow.

White collar criminals certainly dont fear him.

Jeff Brandow so far doesnt fear his office, and that is wrong

I do not like the man.

could he have the decency to keep his wishes private and not use the uniform to promote himself as a is similar to the car dealers lot with a 50 foot americain flag.

“HOOAH” Sir!

Shameless self-promotion in uniform. Sounds like Dan. Sounds like a violation of the UCMJ too… not that he cares

Bah Humbug! More Scrooged up logic, Doc. The Army facilitates hundreds of these sorts of ‘Christmas Greetings’ from troops deployed overseas. Same with the other military branches. If they violated some section of the UCMJ, the Army and other services would not be condoning and releasing the videos.

DoctorRadley. Please cite the specific section of the UCMJ. As a veteran I am not familiar with the violation you refer to.

Review DoDD 1344.10 February 19, 2008.

DoD Directive 1344.10 addresses First Amendment and political activities permitted and prohibited by military personnel. There was no partisan political activity in the “Holiday Greetings” video message by LTC Dan Dow, SFC Christopher Monk, SGT Limon, CPT Vincent Martine, MAJ Danielle Kuma-Flores, SFC Amanda Johnson or anyone else in the 40th Infantry Division. However, Doc, if you are convinced a breach of regulations was committed, you may want to notify Brigadier General Marlena DeCelle, 40th Infantry Division, Task Force Spartan. Oh yeah, she also appeared in the video.

Actually, you need to review 1344.

At no time, did Dan mention, show, or actively push, ANY political statements, activities, or endorsements.

Didn’t mention Trump, didn’t mention Biden, didn’t mention he is a DA in SLO County. Dan also is not serving, nor actively participating in, any conduct pertaining to his elected position.

1344 clarifies the DD-670-1 chapter about wearing the uniform for political purposes. Which, he is not.

Just read it. To say Dow violated UCMJ is a reach in my opinion. But unlike Dow, I am not an JAG or a civilian attirney.