Arson suspected in multiple fires in San Luis Obispo

January 28, 2024


A suspected arson fire destroyed two dentist offices in San Luis Obispo on Saturday, during one in a string of fires in the afternoon, according to the SLO Police Department.

In the early afternoon, callers reported multiple trash can fires on Walnut and Peach streets, east of Santa Rosa Street. Upon arrival, responders discovered suspicious fires burning in trash cans at the Mosque Nasreen on Walnut Street, at 1245 Peach Street and behind 1270 Peach Street.

At 1:36 p.m., a caller reported a fire burning at a building on 1230 Peach Street. The fire started outside the building, but then extended into two dental offices, which were a total loss.

Firefighters successfully stopped the fire from spreading to the third business in the building, and to adjacent buildings in the complex.

Investigators are asking anyone with information, including footage captured by home camera systems, to contact detectives at (805) 781-7312.

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My Dentist, Dr. Deborah McNeil-Amorteguy’s office was totaled. I haven’t found out if my records were stored off-site or not. Thanks a lot homeless twerp!

Without coming to conclusions on these incidents, the City of SLO has created a $5 million homeless highway behind the CHP offices and destroyed the surrounding neighborhoods. Do they care? No. More 6 figure SLO City jobs.

City of SLO has at least been clearing encampments consistently over the past couple of years. Kick the homeless out of downtown/creeks/etc then they move to the bushes along the freeway. CHP/CalTrans jurisdiction. Kick them out of the freeway bushes, then they move to the train tracks. Behind the CHP office is the train tracks. State “Union Pacific Police Dept,” not the City of SLO, has jurisdiction there. As long as the train isn’t being derailed, doubt the State cares about foot traffic and tents. It’s a big mess, but not sure City of SLO has anything to do with solving it.