County supervisors deny appeal, approve 24-hour store in Templeton

January 28, 2024


During a contentious board meeting on Tuesday, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors denied an appeal aimed at blocking a proposed 24-hour convenience store and gas station development in Templeton, in a 3-2 vote with supervisors Bruce Gibson and Jimmy Paulding dissenting.

The project includes a 5,200 square-foot convenience store and vehicle fueling station with eight fuel dispensers and nine electric vehicle charging spaces on a 2.47-acre lot. After the planning commission voted 2-1 to approve the project located on the north side of Las Tablas Road near Twin Cities Community Hospital, Joe Jarboe appealed the approval.

During public comment, 10 speakers asked the board to deny the appeal and eight asked the board to reject the project.

Opponents of the project argued it included to much signage, would cause an increase in traffic and would bring crime and homeless to the area.

Proponents primarily voiced a need for a 24-hour store and gas station for those working the night shift or visiting the hospital. In addition, proponents noted the CHP office is in close proximity to the project, and that concerns over crime were unwarranted.

After voicing concerns with increased traffic, Supervisor Gibson voted against the project.

While Supervisor Paulding said he was in favor of the project, he said he wanted signage and hours of operation reduced, before he voted no.

On the other side, supervisors Debbie Arnold, John Peschong and Dawn Ortiz-Legg voted in favor of the project noting the property is zoned commercial and that there is a need in the area for a 24-hour gas station and convenience store.


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Welcome to urban sprawl in Templeton.

Get off your “This is a small community mindset” It’s called PROGRESS.

I never heard any complaints about the Park and Ride lot across the street which provided a lot full of un-attended vehicles that attracted it’s share of thievery. Having a 24 hour presence, the employees should have a quick remedy for issues. Currently issues are handled after nobody is there.

We need to stop these nanny state prohibitions about businesses staying open late or 24 hours. There are many people who work irregular hours either by requirement or choice and there are businesses that want to cater to them, but get forced to modify their hours due to government overreach. Anyone who has lived in a real city like New York knows the convenience of late night businesses.

I have lived in Templeton since 1986. This project is not for the Twin Cities employees or visitors to the hospital. It is to lure the 101 traffic passing through the area. I do not think Templeton needs this. I’ll still go to Templeton Market to get my gas. I guess you just can’t stop ‘progress’. (sigh)

Exactly right. And the next station will be slated for some corner in Cayucos or Harmony. That’s why Gibson voted against it. There are better places for these stations.

How is it possible that anyone could care about this? Look around you. Gas stations are everywhere. Do you want this to be an electric car charging station? Inevitably you will all go there for your gas fueling needs when it’s convenient.

Read the article 8 gas pumps and 9 electric charging spaces.

Halfway between LA and SF, good math in my book.

Sales tax will go to SLO County not Monterey or Santa Barbra.

Time to retire Bruce Gibson.

Might make the Chevron across the highway rethink their excessively high fuel prices.

It never has at any other location where there is a Chevron and other gas stations.