Deputy shoots, kills suspect in Santa Maria

January 14, 2024


A deputy shot and killed a suspect during a domestic dispute in Santa Maria on Saturday.

Shortly after 5 p.m., a caller reported a family member had brandished a gun during an argument. The other family members fled the home, leaving the man alone in the residence on the 800 block of Blake Street.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff deputies surrounded the home and evacuated neighboring residents. For several hours, deputies attempted to deescalate the situation.

At approximately 9:35 p.m., the suspect left his home through his backyard, where he encountered deputies. At least one deputy fired rounds at the suspect, who died at the scene. The deputies were not injured.

Sheriff detectives are investigating the fatal shooting. Officials are not releasing the name of the deceased man or of the involved deputies at this time.

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This is what they call “extrajudicial execution.”

Deputy Judge Dredd should be fired and charged with manslaughter.

Insufficient evidence (at least in the story) to reach such a conclusion.

Your point that the article lacks the evidence to support the original poster’s claim is absolutely true. Though nearly equally irrefutable is the position that police in this country can no longer be afforded the benefit of the doubt.

Ridley is a low life of diminished capacity. I hope the deputy involved gets all the support available. Taking a life is a life-changing event, the deputy’s actions wee undoubtedly necessary. There was after all a multi-hour stand-off. What does Radley want – a dead deputy sheriff?

It is the False Dilemma Fallacy to imply there are only 2 outcomes (suspect dead or deputy dead) involving the suspect “Ridley is a low life of diminished capacity”.

So gun owning and domestic abuse = low life of diminished capacity, that’s a wide net.

You’re literally saying the cops shot an innocent man. Diminished capacity is a legal term for a person who could not meet the mental state required for the specific intent to commit a crime.

Job well done deputies!