Man struck and killed by train in San Luis Obispo

January 26, 2024



An Amtrak train struck and killed a man in San Luis Obispo on Thursday.

Shortly after noon, the man was walking near the railroad tracks by the dead-end of Industrial Way when a northbound train struck him, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department. 

Police describe the victim as white and in his early 20s. Investigators were still working to identify the man, as of mid-afternoon.

SLO County coroner’s personnel and Amtrak police are investigating the death.


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These incidents seem to be a far too common occurrence on the Central Coast. Whether by inattention, stupidity, extreme depression, intoxication, drug use, mental illness or some combination of factors, it takes a severely broken mind to allow oneself to be violently obliterated by a speeding railroad locomotive. Family, friends, and the community at large need to do better to help their loved ones suffering from depression and drug use. Schools, police departments and the railroads need to do better with public awareness outreach regarding pedestrian and driver safety around trains and railroad tracks.

Hate to see all the down votes when I agree with everything you said except the last sentence. Schools police and the railroads can’t be expected to prevent these occurrences, following train tracks may lead to a train.

Since Jan 1, a growing transient encampment has increased hidden in the Shrubs along the RR Tracks between Industrial Way and Orcutt Road

There might be some kind of encampment by the RR Tracks, but this was a local kid. My Son and Daughter knew him from Laguna Middle School and SLO High.