Heidi Harmon’s pro-offshore wind energy claims fall flat

February 24, 2024

Heidi Harmon


On Feb. 18, former San Luis Obispo mayor Heidi Harmon wrote an op-ed in the Tribune praising the benefits of offshore wind energy. Nothing could be further from the truth. Without a long, detailed discussion about the nature of her claims, let me just point out a few obvious observations.

Supporting offshore wind energy, Harmon makes questionable claims. For example, “a clean energy economy.” Nothing is “clean” about the oil products required to maintain the machines, diesel to transport workers, and non-recyclable blades dumped in a Texas turbine graveyard. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management says offshore wind energy doesn’t offset climate change.

Offshore wind energy contributes minimally to “energy” supply. Offshore wind farms use energy to get energy to shore. Blades don’t run at capacity or continuously. Great Britain backs up offshore wind with coal and other sources because wind is inconsistent. British citizens’ utility bills soared five times what they paid before offshore wind energy.

The promise to boost our “economy” is unproven. The governor wants a billion dollar bond to pay foreign companies to build offshore wind farms. Several companies, one invested here, withdrew from the East Coast due to overruns, supply issues, and local officials/residents refusing them more taxpayer money.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management confesses environmental impacts cannot be mitigated; the phrase “robust environmental safeguards” is a farce.

No “collaboration with commercial fishermen” has occurred. Ask the Morro Bay Commercial Fishermen’s Organization.

Finally, “technology has been refined for over 30 years,” is the most telling. Technology to build offshore wind farms off our coast in deep waters hasn’t been invented yet!

Betty Winholtz is a more than 30-year resident of Morro Bay. She served as a councilwoman from 2002 through 2010.


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Have you folks seen how massive these structures are?…. 900 ft high on platforms that will take up miles of ocean sea space each… It sounds like something the bad guy in a James Bond movie would create…