Carrisa by SLO Brew temporarily loses liquor license, again

March 9, 2024


A popular restaurant and pub in San Luis Obispo temporarily lost its liqueur license after allegedly failing to comply with state regulations. Carrisa by SLO Brew plans to reopen on April 1.

On March 7,  the California’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control suspended the liquor license of Carrisa by SLO Brew for 25 days amid allegations of providing alcohol to underage patrons and posted a notice of suspension on the window.

Even though the restaurant is permitted to sell food and non-alcohol beverages during the suspension, management has elected to temporarily close.

This is the second time the state has suspended the liquor license at this location.

In May 2018, when the establishment was known as SLO Brew, employees allegedly knew an 18-year-old was consuming alcoholic beverages at the pub. It is suspected another patron was buying drinks for the teen.

Following an investigation, the ABC suspended SLO Brew’s liquor license for 20 days for allowing underage drinking. It then reopened under the Carrisa by SLO Brew name.

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Forget the ABC violation. Can it be shuttered just for it’s duma$$ pretentious name? The Carissa by SLO Brew. Give me a break. SLO Brew in its heyday known for selling headache inducing green beer and that manic dude always on the dance floor. However, they did manage to book No Doubt before their assent.

Also Vampire Weekend in 2009.

Looks like Hamish Marshall is goiing to have to make some sizable “donations” to some city council and other candiates to make this litle issue go away, again.

One, the City does not control the State of California ABC. Two, the ABC was probably investigating based on information provided by the SLOPD.