Unemployment continues to climb in San Luis Obispo County

March 8, 2024


The number of unemployed people in San Luis Obispo County and in California continued to climb in January, the state Employment Development Department reported Friday.

In SLO county, the number of unemployed residents rose from 4,900 to 5,700 from December to January, and from 4,700 to 5,700 during the past year. SLO County’s unemployment rate rose to 4.2% in January, from 3.7% in December.

During January, job losses were seen in the local leisure and hospitality sector which lost 600 jobs. Over the past year, the wholesale trade sector lost 100 jobs.

In the jobs gained category, the farming industry added an additional 600 people in January.

SLO County’s unemployment rate is higher than the national average of 4.1% and lower than the state’s 5.7% rate.

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So Trump gave the 1% a 2 trillion dollar tax cut. Inflation is basically another way of saying record corporate profits. I can’t find qualified employees and short term memory crowd is blaming Biden?

Remember Tarrifs? Hahaha, remember adding fees to Canadian lumber?

This is getting too funny.

It is so interesting how a blip in employment data over a one month period in an insignificantly sized town has people up in arms about national politics. Politics makes people so stupid.

Ya’ll understand that inflation is due to a growing economy, right? Prices are rising due to the economy being better than ever. So much so the corporations are also artificially jacking up their prices but people just keep on buying. I’m sure you can all explain basic supply and demand economic theory?

But Biden said in his state of union that under his watch our wages are up everyone working and things couldn’t be better, What you ?

I’m on a fixed income, food has doubled in price, thanks Joe!

Explain to me which side of the isle cut food stamp funding. Explain to me which side is more likely to aide your fixed income.

Explain to me what has happened that caused food prices to go up.

Take your time. These are the kind of things that you should know.

The side that’s been in control of California for several decades.

You’re right! That’s the side that would help people on a fixed income. The other side wants to cut social security.

TVI, you forgot that Rump increased the national debt by 36%.

The con goes on.

Aah, the silence is golden.