Moreno further expands lead in SLO County District 5 supervisor race

March 16, 2024

Atascadero Mayor Heather Moreno


Atascadero Mayor Heather Moreno further expanded her lead Friday in the race for the San Luis Obispo County District 5 supervisor seat.

As of Friday, Moreno leads Atascadero Councilwoman Susan Funk by 1,267 votes, 54.79% to 45.21%. 

SLO County elections officials have now counted 70,899 ballots countywide. Officials anticipate another two more days of counting ballots over the next two weeks in order to complete the tally.

Moreno led Funk by only 25 votes, 50.17% to 49.83%, in the initial election night tally. As of a week ago, Moreno’s lead had grown to 772 votes.


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What is taking our county so long to complete the count? Our county Clerk is beyond incompetent

I hope Moreno follows through on her promises to conduct performance audits.

First up, the Homeless Division. $14 million spent annually, for what? Oklahoma Safe Parking and Prado…we desperately need some accountability…(oh and has the county picked a site for the $18 million state funded homeless shelter?…they were supposed to have built half of the units by now.)

Next, Elections. Why does it take so long? Remember last year Elections asked the Board for additional staff … a Public Information Specialist. Instead of staff to count the ballots, the Board gave Elections staff to tell the public how they count ballots. Huh?

Finally a full, independent fiscal audit of the information Services Department. An employee steals $100,000 for nearly a decade and the county’s response: oops! Can’t believe such an audit wasn’t immediately started.

Please Heather, bring some leadership to the county.

Beautiful. When will Erik Go. start his 2 year rant on the elections being fixed? When is that lady from north county going to file the lawsuit to force a recount to see if Moreno actually won? These 2 blow hards have been complaining for years. Waiting for then to sound off. Will they? Or do they only complain about a fix(?) when a democrat wins?

Heather Moreno is an outstanding leader, and her talents and abilities will make sure government stays on the side of the people.

Elections have consequences and the North County got it right.

Well… at least the SLO “Progressives” didn’t fix this one. But why oh why does it take weeks to count the votes? This is nuts. Bring back same day; show I.D.; paper ballots; and REQUESTED absentee ballots. There is nothing about this that makes sense, unless you want to cheat. No one is “disenfranchised”.

Are they only fixed when a progressive wins?

Are you also contesting the votes for Trump?

Must suck to be a hypocrite and a liar. I suppose the stress of it all drove patriots to use the American flag to beat up cops, break windows, doors and the walls of the US Capitol on January 6th.

Patriots-or thugs? The rest of the world knows Trumpers are thugs. Dont believe it? Google January 6th.

Yes, and they’re good at it.

Yes, there were more.

No. it was a set-up.

Believe what you see… not what you’re told.

Are you implying that Trumps “patriots” that used the American flags to beat up cops and trash the capitol was not real? We are just “told” it happened? They when on trial why haven’t any of these Trump “patriots” claim they were actually democrats?

When Trump is gone-how are people going to think on their own?

Cracks me up that all progressive can campaign on is January 6th, not any successful accomplishments of the last 4 years they have held the presidency, house and Senate, hmmm maybe because there haven’t been any. They act like Trump is controlling everything when he doesn’t even hold a political seat. Get over it

Everybody wants the same things including democrats. During Trumps presidency Corona virus unfairly disrupted some of the things he accomplished. Not his fault. The Ukraine and Gaza situation is disruptive. Biden happens to be President this time around. A few things beyond January 6th that 35% of people just walk away from. Proof by way of audio and electronic communications that Trump tried many ways to fix the elections outcomes. Threats against fellow Americans. His followers believes his claims that he’s a billionaire yet he currently can’t come up with the money or funding to pay an $80 million $ judgement. He needs 1/2 a billion for other judgements. 65% of Americans hates him-so he hates and penalizes 65% Americans which also hurts his 35%. Avoids paying taxes. Lead the country in to the longest shutdown in history and ended up getting less than he bargained for. The stock market went up 151% behind Obama-but the highest ever for DT was 60%, before covid. Dodged the draft. Screams anti immigrant yet he admits that most of his employees are immigrants. Revolving door of staff. Soft on corporate crime that hurts you and me. Creates rude nicknames for fellow Americans he doesn’t like. Isolated the US from our most important allies. Was only able to cozy up to 1 leader-Kim of N. Korea. Politicizing the Justice Department. 20+ of his advisors are behind bars or will be for illegal things he has done. Screams he’s pro American company but all of his apparel (ties etc.) are made over seas. Nearly all his reelection materials are made in China. He solicited many charities to hold fundraisers at his properties and HE SKIMMED MILLIONS of dollars from every one of them. Most of his fundraising sites draws multiple transaction from his donors when they think they are making a single donation. Can you read? If so-Google. If you think Any. Single. One of the things are ok-call yourself a loyal American?

She got my vote as soon as her opponents’ flyers about abortion and global warming arrived.

For me it would have been when Funk sent out the deceptive mailer with the hand written note from “Debbie” trying to convince people Debbie Arnold was supporting her, someone willing to be like that during an election will be even more deceptive if actually in office.

That too, then on Congalton’s show she further insulted our intelligence by denying the trick and saying it was a random supporter, “Debbie R.”, not listed among the 150 or so supporters on her website. Nice to see that Fulks/Jones did not win this one despite all the SLO Progressive cash.

Absolutely agree 100% with your statement obispan!