Nipomo man brandishes gun at Atascadero bar, lands in jail

April 1, 2024


After pulling out a gun amid a bar fight at Whiskey and June Cocktail Bar in Atascadero on Sunday morning, a Nipomo man was arrested on multiple charges.

Shortly before 2 a.m., mutiple 911 callers reported an altercation at the bar located at 5950 El Camino Real. Callers reported a man had brandished a firearm and pointed it at them before fleeing the area in a vehicle. Witnesses provided a description of the vehicle including a license plate number.

Shortly afterwards, an Atascadero police officer located the vehicle in the 9800 block of E Front Street.  Officers pulled over the vehicle and detained four people.

After determining the driver, Michael Anthony Garcia, 26, of Nipomo, was  the person involved in the altercation at the bar, officers arrested Garcia. During a search of the vehicle, officers found a loaded firearm.

Officers arrested Garcia on mutiple charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, making criminal threats, carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle and driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and booked him in San Luis Obispo County Jail. He is no longer in custody.


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“Nipomo man….” : our Central Coast version of “Florida Man”

Does he have a “Nipas 13” tattoo?

Common sense goes out the window when alcohol is involved. Guns should be secured or locked up before the first drink is taken.

Old Terry’s. Used to be a quiet little neighborhood bar with plenty of friendly drunks—Terry would open at 6 am and have a full house. Worst thing that could happen to you was getting breathed on. Guess not so much any more.

From Whiskey and June to Outlaws (“9800 block East Front”). Who says there’s nothing to do in Atascadero.

Whats wrong with this picture? Sounds like multiple felonies. No longer in custody?? Outrageous!! Let him out so he can do it again. Bail should be 2 million dollars if at all.

In a society actually serious about DUI (w/alcohol and/or drugs) and gun crimes, Mikey Garcia’s bail would be set at least 1 or 2 million dollars. The politicians and majority party in Sacramento, however, are all about penalizing law-abiding citizens and virtue signaling when it comes to crime.

“No longer in custody”. Must have “made bail”. This really is the wild west again. Gee, how exciting and fun.