Seven arrested during probation, parole sting in Paso Robles

April 13, 2024


Law enforcement officers arrested seven people during a probation and parole sting on Friday in Paso Robles.

Along with probation and parole officers, Paso Robles police officers contacted 20 people during a sting focused on offender accountability and community safety. During the sting, officers seized 21 grams of fentanyl, 11 grams of psilocybin mushrooms, brass knuckles and ammunition.

Officers arrested seven Paso Robles residents and booked them in San Luis Obispo County Jail:

  • Raul Munoz, 27 – violation of parole,
  • Sarah Dukes, 42 – possession of controlled substance and violation of probation,
  • Maximo Hernandez, 41 – felony evading, possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest, violation of parole,
  • Izaiah Coleman, 20 – violation of post-release community supervision,
  • Jesse Torres, 44 – felon in possession of ammunition and violation of parole,
  • Tyler Whitener, 28 – violation of parole.


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Betcha at least 90% of these arrests were in South Creston and North of 24th

Over forty-years-old and unable to comply with the principal terms of probation = likely recidivist behavior, longer arrest record and more failure in the future.

The police would go after domestic abusers, but 40 percent of the police are domestic abusers.

Wondering about registered sex offenders.

Thinking out of the box with you here…Maybe the Probation department can create a fake Jon Benet style beauty contests for them at Madonna Inn?

That’s just some despicable, evil, and nasty idea…

I like it!