SLO police cite 13 during bicycle and pedestrian safety operation

April 6, 2024


The San Luis Obispo Police Department issued 13 citations to drivers and bicyclists for a variety of violations during a bicycle and pedestrian safety operation on Thursday.

Police officers conducted the operation citywide from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Officers contacted 15 individuals during the operation.

These violations include: stop sign violation, cell phone violation, bike on the wrong side of the roadway and blocking and intersection. 

“Safety is a shared responsibility, with drivers/bicyclist holding the greatest responsibility to keep other road users safe,” Sgt. Evan Stradley said in a statement. “We hope this operation serves as a reminder to everyone to practice due care and to look out for one another.”

The police department received funding for the program from a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


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Apparently, not enough green paint has been used…

Now can the SLO PD work on the alcoholics and drug bums occupying our public spaces?

State law in Idaho allows bicycle riders to run. Stop signs if it is safe to do so. This has proven to reduce accidents and save lives. Do the research.

Move to Idaho.

Most often, stop sign violations are given to vehicle drivers, not bicyclists. These enforcement operations are aimed at making the streets safer for pedestrians and bicyclists, with the vast majority of citations going to the motor vehicle drivers who put the safety of others in jeopardy. Do the research.

Why is this limited to SLO-town? There is a county-wide epidemic of bicyclists running red lights, stop signs and not using crosswalks.

Because some at the city applied for the grant and it was accepted.

It’s not. Arroyo Grande got a similar grant and ran a sting/entrapment operation as well.

Campaigns by police departments to enforce the vehicle code on bicyclists is a worthy effort. Why do you think bicyclists should use crosswalks? Bicycles are expected to be operated same as motor vehicles and in compliance with the exact same traffic laws as motor vehicles. Do you expect motorcyclists to use crosswalks? I guess they can if the rider is pushing his Harley to cross a street because he ran out of gas. Bicyclists may have a similar valid reason to use a crosswalk, I suppose. In all other circumstances they should be using bike lanes when available or operating as if they were driving any other vehicle on the road.