Power outages impacting nearly 2,700 SLO County residents

May 31, 2024


Nearly 2,700 PG&E customers lost power in northern San Luis Obispo County on Friday evening.

Shortly after 8 p.m., 2,685 PG&E customers south of Paso Robles through rural Santa Margarita lost power. PG&E estimates the power will be restored by 2:30 a.m.. The cause of the outage remains under investigation.


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Outage was caused by all the MAGA tears shorting out the electrical grid.

Quite the contrary Free. It was due to the thousands of people in that area who immediately fired up their computers to make donations to DJT. 53+ million dollars in just 27 hours.


The man had an affair with a pornstar… and that’s not even up for debate, that’s fact. Being proud to support those kind of morals and values is just wild imo. Electing one of the most divisive people in the country to be our leader seems… wrong.

So we are looking for a leader whose policy and leadership will make this a better country – what we have now is a lying, corrupt old man who has the world laughing at us. If you are worried that he has flaws in his past you must be looking for a priest. DJT May be flawed but he is the real thing and will return this country back to its position of prominence.

“lying, corrupt, old” All those things apply to “DJT”… I’m not saying vote for Biden. I’m saying find someone, ANYONE, better! DJT clearly, as you yourself stated, does not represent a leader you even want!

Sort of like supporting a sitting president who had oral sex in the Oval Office with an intern his daughter’s age and the media and supporters claiming, “this is just about sex…” I heard that over and over. So, what’s with the double standard? I guess it’s OK for a democrat to have low morals but not a republican?

I’d like to imagine we’ve progressed in the decades since then… Clinton didn’t get my vote fyi. Neither does Donald. One wrong shouldn’t beget another anyways.

Actually the verdict just assured a Trump second term… but in my opinion the outage does show a failure of leadership in California…