Former chancellor Joseph Castro resigns from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

June 1, 2024

Joseph Castro


After just over a year as a professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, former California State University Chancellor Joseph Castro resigned in May noting health concerns.

Amid outcry over his handling of sexual harassment allegations against a former Fresno State administrator, in Feb. 2022, then Chancellor Joseph Castro resigned. Castro allegedly mishandled years of sexual harassment, bullying and retaliation complaints against Fresno State administrator Frank Lamas.

Then CSU chancellor Castro repeatedly chose not to discipline Lamas, despite Fresno State receiving at least a dozen sexual harassment, bullying and retaliation complaints against him over a period of six years. Castro knew of at least seven of the complaints, yet he praised Lamas publicly, wrote him glowing performance evaluations and endorsed him for a prestigious lifetime award that the administrator ended up winning.

Despite an outcry from some Cal Poly students which included negative fliers, in April 2023 Castro took advantage of his retreat rights to to take a tenured professor position in Cal Poly’s Orfalea College of Business.


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Castro had “retreat rights” to take a tenured position at Cal Poly? Seriously? I guess competency has nothing to do with obtaining a college-level tenured teaching position anymore.

Good riddance.

No loss here. I wonder what the real story is. Maybe Castro, like most of the other faculty, are not interested in year round operations.

$200,000+/yr pension.

Just long enough to secure his roughly million dollar plus pension for life, another case in government/public sector where failure at your job pays very well.