Seven arrested in child predator sting in San Luis Obispo

May 21, 2024


As part of a multi-agency child predator sting, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested seven people over three days for attempting to meet with a child for sexual purposes.

From May 15 through May 17, law enforcement personnel targeted adults seeking to sexually exploit children and victims of sex trafficking by using undercover agents and detectives posing as minors on various social media platforms and websites commonly used by predators. Seven people attempted to meet with the alleged underage person in the City of San Luis Obispo.

The sheriff’ office along with the District Attorney’s Office and Office of the Attorney General conducted the child sexual predator undercover operation.

“This operation reminds us yet again we must remain vigilant against those who would do harm to our most precious and vulnerable resource, our children,” said Sheriff Ian Parkinson. “I am extremely grateful for the cooperation between the California Department of Justice, the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office and those units of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, namely, the Special Operations Unit, which ultimately led to these arrests. Together, we have taken a crucial step in safeguarding our community.”


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How come it’s a big secret who these predators are in the community? Doesn’t the DA want to show their faces and names to protect the community and able to see what a predator looks like and avoid them? Strange.

HOW is it remotely possible that anyone would not only think it’s ok to meet a minor for sex, but so it online? People literally get paid to catch these freaks. How do they not know? And, where are these “Chat rooms”? Wait, I actually don’t want to know but C’mon. One of the guys I knew about 10 years ago got busted in a prostitution sting in PISMO. Since then over and over and over. How is it that they can find these “hook ups” sting operations, but not hundreds of articles, examples and names of the people IN THIS COMMUNITY that have lost their careers, families, homes etc?

Money well spent..

Where are all the names of the arrested???

Yikes!! 7 in two days in SLO. That is beyond frightening. I want to see the mug shots and know who they are.