Bear wanders into downtown San Luis Obispo backyard

June 5, 2024


A bear wandered into a downtown San Luis Obispo backyard Tuesday morning, before authorities tracked the animal down and relocated it.

Shortly before 6 a.m., San Luis Obispo police began receiving calls about a bear near the intersection of Osos and Peach streets. Officers arrived in the area and found what appeared to be a healthy, approximately 250-pound bear that had wandered into the backyard of a home on Osos Street, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Police determined the bear was not acting in a threatening manner. Officers established a perimeter around the bear and tried to keep it stationary as California Department of Fish and Wildlife personnel responded.

Fish and Wildlife officers managed to tranquilize the bear. They then transported the bear back to its natural habitat and released it.

The bear did not become threatening toward the community or officers during the incident. Officials instruct anyone who spots a dangerous animal in the city of San Luis Obispo to call the police department, so it can be effectively relocated to its natural environment.


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Can the City of SLO tax the bear?

Lets see someone put a funny hat and kerchief on that bear…

Many dangerous animals roaming around SLO needing relocation.

Just couldn’t bear not getting the perks for being homeless.

At least he was on Osos Street! What do you expect…

I love that the bear wandered onto “bears” street. Just perfect.