Dan Dow calls for California legislators to reject crime bills

June 24, 2024

District Attorney Dan Dow

Opinion by San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow

Please stop what you’re doing and help us right now. You can make a difference for our public safety in California today.

Today, the California State Assembly and California State Senate will be voting on close to 14 crime bills.

They have amended these bills to make them automatically repealed and inoperable if our voter initiative to fix Prop 47 passes in November. If these bills are so good for our community safety, why would they want them repealed? Because they don’t want us the voters to fix Prop 47 that has caused crime to surge. Sadly, our governor and legislators are acting like children who, when they don’t get their way, have to make it miserable for everyone.

Please call your state assembly rep and state senator today and urge them to vote no on all the crime bills on the Assembly floor and Senate floor.

The crime bills have inoperability clauses that would repeal them automatically if the voters pass our initiative to fix Prop 47. Help us stop the out-of-control crime surge in California by fixing Prop 47. Please join us, the business community, victims rights organizations, Democrats and Republicans and independent people like you who want California to be a safe place to live and enjoy without fear of crime.

The Assembly meets today at 1 p.m., and the Senate will meet at 2 p.m. Call your senator and assembly rep today. We only need a few more legislators to join us to stop the political games that are happening with our public safety. Please share this message with all your friends in California.


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If DA Dow didn’t have such a well established reputation of going soft on crimes committed by people of a certain class I might take note of something he says but until he starts properly prosecuting the protected class he is just playing politics with his statments.

Yeah! He’s so soft, he was personally barred from any legal action against the BLM activists.

Oh, wait. He said he was against crime and criminals. THAT’S why he was removed from the BLM riot prosecution process. They had to move “certain people’s” trials to Monterey County, because we no longer had a DA that could bring charges.

Salud Carbahal bows to the political elite, they control him, fund him to make sure he is reelected!!!

He is not going to listen to us deplorables whom keep reelecting him term after term:(

Jimmy Panetta is the congressman for parts of north county. He has an office in Paso. But I do agree Carbahal is an awful representative for this area as well.

Uh, you guy’s do realize that Dow is talking about our state representatives right? Carbajal and Panetta are federal representatives, they have a vote in our state legislature.

I support whatever assures that criminal activity mitigation is fully funded and does not become a liability to the aggrieved in the form a civil action.

justadad What part of “Please address the Policies, events and arguments, not the person.” is not clear to you?

Dan, Thank you for trying to help better a horrible situation. For us, we’re leaving, but do appreciate all you’ve done/tried to do.