Santa Barbara City Council to consider sales tax increase

June 1, 2024


Facing a $7.1 million budget deficit, the Santa Barbara City Council on Tuesday plans to discuss placing a sales tax increase on the Nov. 5 ballot.

Santa Barbara currently has an 8.75% sales tax rate, which is equal to Santa Maria and San Luis Obispo and higher than Arroyo Grande’s 7.75% sales tax rate.

Santa Barbara staffers are hoping to increase the city’s sales tax rate by .5% in the November election. If passed, the resolution will raise the sales tax rate in Santa Barbara from 8.75% to 9.25%. The city already has its own 1.5% sales tax rate, which is added to the statewide rate of 7.25%.


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Here we go again. These greedy public employees know no limits. Beautiful Santa Barbara is exceptional. In the article about Arroyo Grande a few days ago, it should be noted the comment by the former council member on how Arroyo Grande needs “to stay competitive” with other jurisdictions on salary levels. That is the problem. Check out these figures for Santa Barbara. You will shake your head at the greed.

Raising their rate to 2.0 percent is a 33% increase. The folks will pass it – it “soaks the tourists”

does anyone know of a tax that was reduced? Ever?

Yes. Trump lowered income tax levels across the board, saving the average American $6000 annually.

How many of the city staff is paid more than members of Congress or the US Vice President? Before asking more from citizens, the city council should evaluate how they spend money.

As a private citizen, wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to force your employer to pay you more money when you don’t have the ability to live within your financial means? Every time a government entity asks for more money it is an admission that they are incapable of doing their job.

Maybe cut spending instead? oh wait, this is California…Sorry.