Grover Beach police release video of officer shooting, killing a man

June 7, 2024


The Grover Beach Police Department has released video footage of an officer shooting and killing a man who threatened to shoot the policeman last month.

In the footage, Aaron Edward Gardner, 41, of Independence, Missouri, claimed he had a real firearm, with which he threatened to shoot Officer Roberto Pulido, a four-year veteran of the Grover Beach force. It turned out Gardner had a replica firearm, according to the police department.

Gardner was a transient traveling through California who had an extensive criminal history in multiple states. At the time of his death, Gardner had warrants for his arrest in Kansas and Texas, police say.

Shortly after 6 p.m. on May 25, dispatchers sent Grover Beach officers to Kautz Chevron at Grand Avenue and 13th Street over a report of a suspect who displayed a firearm. Officers arrived at the scene and were unable to locate the suspect. They cleared the area, according to the Grover Beach Police Department.

Then at approximately 6:35 p.m., dispatchers sent officers to an area near Grand Avenue and 13th Street where a male suspect was causing a disturbance. 911 callers reported the suspect was throwing rocks at passing cars.

Officer Pulido arrived at the scene and contacted Gardner. When the officer exited the patrol car, Gardner told Pulido he had a gun and that he would shoot him.

The officer gave the man several commands. Gardner continued being uncooperative and telling the officer that he had a real gun and may shoot him.

At one point, Gardner advanced toward the officer, quickly raising his right arm with the replica firearm in his hand. Pulido fired his service weapon and struck the suspect several times.

Assisting officers and emergency medical personnel immediately provided aid to the Gardner. Responders transported him to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, where he was later pronounced deceased.

The police department released footage of the incident from Pulido’s body camera, as well as from a witness’s cell phone that recorded the shooting from across the street. Pulido has been placed on administrative leave in the aftermath of the shooting.

Grover Beach police are investigating the shooting in cooperation with the California Department of Justice. The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office assisted with the initial investigation.


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Hopefully on leave strictly in order to take care of any therapy or self care that go along with having to take this persons life. Praying for Officer Pulido’s peace of mind because we need people like him on the force!

Back the Blue. It is reassuring that we have such professionals in our midsts.

Aaron Gardner of Independence, Missouri … yes, we get them from everywhere. Don’t fund panhandlers.

After viewing the video, I’m sure the ACAB crowd who called it “murder” on Reddit and on this site will now apologize and sympathize with the officer.


You get some sort of satisfaction that your tax dollars paid someone to shoot and kill a mentally ill homeless man? Jesus truly doesn’t come around here no more.

Incredible professionalism by the Grover Beach PD. The loss of life is always tragic, there is nothing the involved officer could have done in that challenging circumstance.