Keep dogs out of Paso Robles parks

June 11, 2024


Paso Robles has an ordinance against dogs in our parks.

But the City Council wants to repeal that ordinance to now allow dogs in all eight city parks. Why? Because, according to the council; “the current reality is, people are bringing them anyway so we might as well allow it.”

That argument is what every law-breaker loves to hear.

How about this: There’s a “current reality” of people entering a retail store and walking out with stolen merchandise and no one stops them or prosecutes them. Should we just remove the theft/shop-lifting laws and tell people its okay to come on in and take what they want for free because the “current reality” is that you’re going to do it anyway?

Isn’t that exactly what we’re saying when we remove laws that make it easier for the criminals to get what they want?

Isn’t that exactly what we’re saying when you and I pay more and more for everything we buy because the thieves are stealing what they want without the fear of consequences?

Okay, how about this. If you give me free drugs, I won’t have to hold-up a liquor store to get the money to buy them. Isn’t that the exact same thing?

We know that’s psychologically wrong, but the City Council would rather cave to that mentality than to install visible signage and direct our PD Patrol Officers to walk through the park, talk to “offenders”, and remind them that dogs are not allowed and keep it under control for the enjoyment of everyone else.

These patrol people could be more than “enforcers.” They could be the true good-will ambassadors for the city, armed with information for the visitors.

A police presence in the park is good for everyone.

How is removing an ordinance that keeps our parks free of dogs, and everything that comes with them, even a consideration?

Has the City become so lazy and indifferent that the obvious consequences no longer matter?

We hear it, read it and see it every day. People walking their dogs, allowing them to do their “doody” and just walking away, leaving it for someone else to deal with. I see people pick it up in a bag and toss the bag into the bushes.

How do you feel about taking your kids to the park to let them run around and having them step or sit in doody?

How do you feel about grabbing a blanket, going to the park for a nice lunch or to just sit and read a book,  but now you have to be careful where you spread your blanket and your quiet time is disturbed by a barking dog? Because that’s what dogs do!

How do you feel about going to the concerts in the park and having to dodge other people’s dogs?

And I absolutely object to my tax dollars being spent on the proposed doody-bag dispensers. The cost will be in the neighborhood of $200 to $300 each. Depending on the size of the park, several per park will be needed. Not to mention the cost of the bags that will require constant replenishing.

Eight parks times? dispensers plus bags equal a whole lot of on-going expense. Not to mention city maintenance crews now dealing with the clean up and general maintenance.

Their justification for this expense is, “if we give them the bags, they’ll be better about picking up after their dog.”

Not everyone is a responsible and considerate dog-owner. We know that, and every day, we’re all faced with the reality of these folks not doing the right thing.

But now, instead of just on our lawn or our neighborhood sidewalk, it will be in our city parks as well.

Do you think that a dog being walked in the park is not going to relieve itself? Of course they are.

How about the inevitable dog fights? That is going to happen.

But worse than that, how about the child who will be bitten. That is going to happen.

I work for attorney’s who will not represent HOA’s that have their own dog parks within the complex. Too many incidents and too much liability on the HOA.

If Paso Robles allows dogs in their parks, they will be liable when (not if) there is an incident.

Councilman SteveGregory is in support of this because he wants to continue to walk his dog in the Downtown Park with impunity.

He is breaking the law by doing this, but obviously thinks the laws do not apply to him, and now wants those laws removed.

We have several dog parks throughout the city where you can let your dog off leash to run and play with others. Take them there. Not to the parks where my grandchildren play.

Jan Albin is a grandmother and a resident of Paso Robles.


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This Tremendous effort, likening dogs in the park to stealing from stores? or getting free drugs? Are you serious? Way over thinking it aren’t you? Since when are regular dog owners on the level of thieves? Absurd! What would you consider yourself? Above everyone because you don’t own a dog? I can bet that most of the people enjoying their pets in the park have NO idea of the ridiculous ordinance. They should have a right to enjoy the park as much as you do! Try not to control other people….you will be a happier person!

dogs are filthy beasts, doodie bag or not, those feces go home with you on your feet. rude dog owners have some weird need to take them into grocery stores, too.