Two suspects stabbed during altercation in Morro Bay

June 29, 2024


Two people were stabbed during an altercation under the Main Street underpass of Highway 1 in Morro Bay on Friday evening.

Shortly after 9 p.m., a caller reported an assault with a deadly weapon near the Taco Bell restaurant. Officers responded to find one person suffering from multiple stab wounds.

Officers located another person with a stab wound in the Taco Bell parking lot.

Emergency personnel transported both subjects to a hospital for treatment of moderate injuries.

Investigators are asking anyone who witnessed the altercation or has information regarding this incident to contact Sergeant Nicole Taylorat (805) 772-6233 or San Luis Obispo County Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-STOP.


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Someone has set up camp under the creek bridge across from Wi Burger and taco bell… making himself comfortable with a tent and other junk… I hope he wasn’t involved but its time to make him move along…. its time Morro Bay to clean the city up once and for all…

The just-release Supreme Court ruling affirmed that local law enforcement can ticket homeless encampments, and jail subsequent offenders. Now, we need our police departments to put these types on notice that we will not have drug bums in our public places.

As harsh as it sounds, if they refuse to mainstream, it’s actually cheaper and better just to babysit them in the local jail.

That “den of iniquity” developed once the Quintana watershed was cleared and it’s probably even worse. Bonus; it’s located even closer to the high school… How/why are we allowing this to any degree?! These people need to be relocated asap. Though I’m imagining the stretch of 41 between mb and atascadero, which is already getting occupied(maroon van), will be the next encampment. Just a matter of time before someone gets hit and killed walking on that road :/

Bus them all to Prado Road where SLO welcomes them with open arms

Prado Road is not “zero barrier” thus the addicted mentally ill homeless will chose their locale just as you and I do be it Morro Bay, Cambria, SLO, the North County, Grover Beach. All have their respective merits and drawbacks.

Can you clarify the location of the incident? The Main Street underpass (actually an “overpass” because the designation is based on the freeway, all the crossings in SLO are underpasses except Chorro Street going under the freeway overpass) is not near Taco Bell, it’s at the north end of downtown. Would it be the Atascadero Road overpass across Main Street from Taco Bell?

I concluded, that the incident happened at the Main St bridge, and the two hobbled to Taco Bell.