State suspends San Luis Obispo physician’s license, office closed

July 10, 2024


An administrative law judge suspended physician and surgeon David Jackson Levin on June 21 because his continued practice of medicine could endanger public health and safety. Shortly afterwards, Levin’s office located on Casa Street in San Luis Obispo, also known as ENT Medical SLO, closed down.

The answering machine says the office “is now closed and will not be reopening.” Patients are offered referrals and told how to request medical records.

On June 18, the California Medical Board petitioned the court to suspend Levin’s license because he could allegedly no longer practice medicine safely because of a mental condition.

“Permitting respondent to continue to engage in the practice of medicine  will endanger the public health, safety or welfare,” according to the order. “The likelihood of injury to the public in not issuing the order outweighs the likely of injury to respondent in issuing the order.”


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I received an email from them last week stating that they shut down. Now this.

I saw Dr. Levin several times last year, he seemed a bit off and talked way too fast to the point of not being able to understand him. I never got a good vibe in that office. Oh well….

You don’t know how happy I was to see this crock lost his license.

I agree he seemed “off” in the 2 minute interaction I had with him. My main issue with him however was his unethical billing practices. Performing procedures without telling you what he’s doing, without determining if they are medically necessary, and then charging you hundreds of dollars for the privilege.

He is not there to help you, he is there to milk as much money out of you as possible and his staff probably get a commission for every fraudulent charge they can get out of you.

Never had the karma felt so satisfying.

A lawsuit filed against Levin occurred says he performed unsafe practices between October 2020 and March 2024 including doing meth in his office, and that he sexually harassed his staff. French Hospital is also named in the lawsuit.

*Dr. Levin has entered the comment section, created free proxies, and is downvoting like crazy. lol

I’ve noticed the same on my rather bland comment above too. How gay.

To all of the whiners here – your recourse should have been a complaint to the CA State Medical Board. Levin had not worked for Tenet for many years, and was not allowed to practice at its hospitals for sometime. Dignity Unhealth can have some of the blame – they are very greedy and underhanded.

Dr Levin used to run commercials on TV. I always thought something was “off” about him.

His demeanor was a bit strange. I’m glad his license to practice medicine has been suspended.

I was a nurse at a local hospital in SLO in 2019, and I saw him put his hands inside his pants in his anal area, he then took his hand out and sniffed his fingers, then went on to type in our computer, he never washed his hands. I filed a report and then I was retaliated by the hospital by taking my hrs away. These corporations tell you to speak up, but when you do it, they punish you. They just care about money, this doctor was bringing a lot of business to this particular hospital.

Holy s#!t, that’s disgusting. I knew it took A LOT to get a doctor suspended but it sounds like this guy has continued to practice, despite some alarming reports. Thank you for sharing your experience.

The Tenet Healthcare system is garbage. Their own ER doctor told me DO NOT go to see this whacko but I had no choice as Dignity had no appointments available.

Healthcare is just SH!T here.

I saw Dr. Levin and made my partner go into the exam with me we thought perhaps he was on drugs or not enough drugs, he acted like he had Turrets.

His fly on pants was open and while masked I could see into his pants inches from my head. Creepily on the exam room counter – flowing into or out of the sink were hundreds of disposable used masks as though perhaps they were being saved for reuse – we weren’t sure. But it wasn’t a dozen- it was a mountain or used masks!

His staff wouldn’t make eye contact with me, the entire scene was frightening to be honest.

There is another bullshit excuse for a doctor an endocrinologist at Tenet who while not bat sh!t crazy like this man should NOT be practicing medicine. I have moved all my healthcare out of SLO County. It’s worth it to travel to Santa Barbara. Shame on Tenet. Dignity is a joke too.

More so SHAME on County Leadership for not doing over site and business development with better healthcare systems. The cost of living here is outrageous, there are way too many senior citizens and no providers especially in specialty care.

We’ve all heard about the rural designation for this County (Medicare reimbursement) and doctors not being compensated correctly for cost of practice and living here. So FIX IT San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department


Wow! Reading some of the reviews of this guy on Yelp and other sites are very revealing.

17 down votes?!?

Tough crowd.

As they say there is only a fine line between love and hate, I sometimes wonder if that holds true for brilliant minds and troubled minds. I have a nephew who is a physician and fortunately a pathologist, he is extremely disciplined….

Wow, I better be careful when commenting about an unknown. Evidently, he was bad for the profession and a greater problem to his patients. Oops, my apologies.

It appears the wacko Dr knows how to google ‘free proxies’ and open hundreds of tabs of this page to be able to down vote you that many times. Obviously no one on this site gets that many down votes unless done by a malicious person.

And yet no moderator is aware of this or is and likes the clocks for some reason. The accusations are very serious, and so concise. It’s odd, there is another political person, not a Dr by an means, just as seriously accused but tried, who was tried and convicted of such behavior recently with ties to Epstein.