Wine, teeth and truffles

By JOHN SALISBURY Truffles anyone? How about wine and what it does to your teeth and throat?  Here is the lowdown on both starting with teeth. Both white and red wines fight germs that can cause sore throats and dental... (Continue reading)

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean 4

BY MIRANDA FORESMAN Johnny Depp may never play anyone else as well as he does Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow, to be precise. In Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, he does what only Depp can do: make a... (Continue reading)

Movie Review: Win Win

BY MIRANDA FORESMAN Have you ever decided to see a film after seeing its trailer, hoping against hope that the movie itself holds even better material than those clips released in the promo? Win Win actually gives you those golden... (Continue reading)

English Beat to perform a free show at the Cliffs on Memorial Day

By COLIN JONES Famed new wave/ska band The English Beat will perform a free concert on Memorial Day afternoon at the Cliffs Resort in Shell Beach as part of their popular ‘Live on the Rocks’ music series. Led by Southern... (Continue reading)

Swinging good times at the Pozo Stampede

By COLIN JONES The great thing about seeing a show at the Pozo Saloon is that it takes you straight back to 1979, that is if you’re willing to be transported. It’s gotta be the most unique concert venue in... (Continue reading)

Movie Review: I Am

BY MIRANDA FORESMAN From the mastermind behind such comedies as Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, and Bruce Almighty comes the documentary film I Am, which directs each of us to do our part at not making the future a detestable wreck... (Continue reading)

Movie Review: The Lincoln Lawyer delivers

BY MIRANDA FORESMAN The Lincoln Lawyer, starring Matthew McConaughey as  the slick Mick Haller, is a legal thriller centered around a trial lawyer who faces off with a client that challenges his balance of legal obligation, moral composition, and basic... (Continue reading)

In the vines

By JOHN SALISBURY Well, ol’ Jack Frost nicked us the second weekend of April in Avila Valley. It got down to 32.5 just long enough to nip some of our Pinot Grigio and the Pinot Naturale block. Usually, we would... (Continue reading)

Meat Loaf holds court at the Chumash

There are certain musical icons whom you should see at least once, an entertainment bucket list if you will. I probably would not add aging rocker and recent celebrity apprentice Meat Loaf to that list but after his energetic, amusing... (Continue reading)

Tipping: Breast size does matter

Americans leave behind an estimated $40 billion in tips every year, but promptness by the server may not be the only criteria determining the size of the gratuity. [Smart Money] The popular notion has long been that diners tip based on... (Continue reading)