Spotlight: What’s happening this weekend

Dancing, Fourth of July celebrations and politically charged comedy are just some of the highlights coming to the Central Coast in the next week. Head on over to Mitchell Park in San Luis Obispo Friday at 6 p.m. to enjoy the... (Continue reading)

New Tracy Taylor art exhibit opens Thursday

  By DAVID CONGALTON Self-described “painter chick” Tracy Taylor is back with a brand new art exhibit opening Thursday at Frameworks in San Luis Obispo. Full disclosure: I’ve known Tracy for more than 18 years, since she first bounced into... (Continue reading)

True Story: How the Tribune almost went to Paso

By DAVID CONGALTON The Tribune, I guess what would be formally called the San Luis Obispo County Tribune, used to be the Telegram-Tribune, and the newspaper offices used to be in a funky old building on Johnson Avenue, where Scolari’s... (Continue reading)

Spotlight: What’s happening this weekend

A new weekly feature from CalCoastNews where we spotlight upcoming special events. Summer has arrived and with it comes fun, drinks, friends and maybe the occasional educational opportunity. Libraries in San Luis Obispo County are offering a summer program from June 19... (Continue reading)

The cars women love

The Volkswagen Beetle is the car most likely to be purchased by a woman, according to a new national survey. [LA Times] Just over 56 percent of people registering a new Beetle were women, according to the survey by (Continue reading)

Movie Review: Please Give

  By DAVID CONGALTON Boy, you think living in San Luis Obispo is expensive, try New York City real estate. Kate (Catherine Keener) and Alex (Oliver Platt) have already bought the apartment of their 91-year-old next door neighbor Andra (Ann... (Continue reading)

What would you do for five bucks?

We thought we had seen just about everything in terms of social networking on the Internet. Then we stumbled across Fiverr. The new web site seems to offer up everything from the silly to the serious. The premise is ridiculously... (Continue reading)

Concert Review: Sting at the Hollywood Bowl

By DAVID CONGALTON Let me cut to the chase. I went to the Hollywood Bowl last Tuesday night, my first visit ever to the magical venue, and saw my first concert ever with Sting, backed not by his Police mates,... (Continue reading)

How much for Game 7 courtside Laker seats?

Check of ticket brokers and other outlets Wednesday morning shows that they’re running anywhere from $12,500 to $60,000. As Thursday’s Lakers-Celtics basketball tipoff draws closer, those numbers are certain to rise. [LA Observed] The Lakers demolished the Celtics in Game... (Continue reading)

Los Angeles Times likes San Luis Creek Lodge

It is always interesting to see how San Luis Obispo is portrayed in the travel industry and which places seem to get the ink. Case in point: The decidedly upscale San Luis Creek Inn on Monterey Street which just earned... (Continue reading)