Dining Out: Tahlia’s Cucina in Nipomo

By DAVID CONGALTON The area around the intersection of Thompson Road and Tefft Street is considered Old Town Nipomo, but there’s not much action in these parts. Plenty of empty lots. Very little retail. Most of the traffic seems headed... (Continue reading)

Wyatt Earp is buried in San Francisco?

They left their hearts in San Francisco. And their arms. And their legs. And their eyes. And just about every other appendage and organ one can imagine. These are the rich and famous, including Wyatt Earp, who all chose San... (Continue reading)

Spotlight: What’s happening this weekend

By LETICIA RODRIGUEZ The month of July may be coming to an end, but the many events on the Central Coast show no sign of slowing down. Take yourself back to the day of knights and ladies-in-waiting on Friday with... (Continue reading)

Catherine Ryan Hyde offers fiction workshop

Here’s an interesting way to help save the local environment, while also learning to become a bestselling fiction writer. Cambria novelist Catherine Ryan Hyde, who knows a thing or two about writing novels that sell (“Pay It Forward,” “Love in... (Continue reading)

Yosemite increases campsites

Yosemite National Park is increasing the amount of sites for campers, including a campground that’s been closed for 13 years. [San Francisco Chronicle] Park officials announced Friday that all campgrounds in the park are open for the summer, including Yosemite... (Continue reading)

Travel: Lucky in Laughlin

By DAVID CONGALTON Laughlin, Nevada, so the story goes, is named for a man from Minnesota, turned Vegas club owner, who bought the southern tip of Nevada in 1964. Don Laughlin eventually opened the Riverside Resort on the Colorado River,... (Continue reading)

Spotlight: What’s happening this weekend

The temperature is rising on the Central Coast, but there’s no need to get hot and bothered because these local events will be sure to cool you down. On Friday night the temperature won’t be the only thing making you hot,... (Continue reading)

2010 Surf Roots Tour boasts pretty faces and heavyweight talent

Music lovers rejoice! Surf musicians from all over the world are headed to the Central Coast for Resin Music’s fifth annual West Coast Surf Roots Tour. Ever since Jack Johnson went mainstream, surf music has made a huge comeback into the... (Continue reading)

Dispatches: Postcard from Arizona

By DAVID CONGALTON Greetings from the Grand Canyon State, where I have been holed up since Friday. Here until Monday morning. Four days isn’t much of a vacation, but I prefer to be away from home for only short spurts at a... (Continue reading)

Spotlight: What’s happening this weekend

After the all-day barbecues, fireworks and festivities of Fourth of July weekend, it’s time to relax a little bit and get back into the swing of a more relaxing weekend. The different events being held on the Central Coast in... (Continue reading)