Spotlight: What’s happening this weekend

The temperature is rising on the Central Coast, but there’s no need to get hot and bothered because these local events will be sure to cool you down. On Friday night the temperature won’t be the only thing making you hot,... (Continue reading)

2010 Surf Roots Tour boasts pretty faces and heavyweight talent

Music lovers rejoice! Surf musicians from all over the world are headed to the Central Coast for Resin Music’s fifth annual West Coast Surf Roots Tour. Ever since Jack Johnson went mainstream, surf music has made a huge comeback into the... (Continue reading)

Dispatches: Postcard from Arizona

By DAVID CONGALTON Greetings from the Grand Canyon State, where I have been holed up since Friday. Here until Monday morning. Four days isn’t much of a vacation, but I prefer to be away from home for only short spurts at a... (Continue reading)

Spotlight: What’s happening this weekend

After the all-day barbecues, fireworks and festivities of Fourth of July weekend, it’s time to relax a little bit and get back into the swing of a more relaxing weekend. The different events being held on the Central Coast in... (Continue reading)

United Way gets ready for Kidspree

BY DAVID CONGALTON It is one of the more meaningful nonprofit events held on the Central Coast–the chance to help young boys and girls in need get the basic clothes and supplies to start off the upcoming school year literally... (Continue reading)

Eyes on the Earth 3D

By STEVE KLIEWER What a fantastic ride! Thursday night, Kevin Hussey, Manager of JPL’s Visualization Technology Group, introduced innovative technology to a fascinated group of science educators and enthusiasts. Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA have produced a way to “fly... (Continue reading)

Spotlight: What’s happening this weekend

Dancing, Fourth of July celebrations and politically charged comedy are just some of the highlights coming to the Central Coast in the next week. Head on over to Mitchell Park in San Luis Obispo Friday at 6 p.m. to enjoy the... (Continue reading)

New Tracy Taylor art exhibit opens Thursday

  By DAVID CONGALTON Self-described “painter chick” Tracy Taylor is back with a brand new art exhibit opening Thursday at Frameworks in San Luis Obispo. Full disclosure: I’ve known Tracy for more than 18 years, since she first bounced into... (Continue reading)

True Story: How the Tribune almost went to Paso

By DAVID CONGALTON The Tribune, I guess what would be formally called the San Luis Obispo County Tribune, used to be the Telegram-Tribune, and the newspaper offices used to be in a funky old building on Johnson Avenue, where Scolari’s... (Continue reading)

Spotlight: What’s happening this weekend

A new weekly feature from CalCoastNews where we spotlight upcoming special events. Summer has arrived and with it comes fun, drinks, friends and maybe the occasional educational opportunity. Libraries in San Luis Obispo County are offering a summer program from June 19... (Continue reading)