State students’ scores stagnate

California public school students lag far behind most of the nation, 2010 math and reading scores just released suggest. [SFGate] Only Mississippi and the District of Columbia turned in worse scores, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, better... (Continue reading)

Garden Street Terraces gain SLO council approval despite public outcry

The San Luis Obispo City Council approved with conditions the proposed 1.1- acre downtown development project called Garden Street Terraces, despite overwhelming public comment against the proposal. Submitted by Westpac Investments in 2006, the proposed project contains residential and commercial development,... (Continue reading)

$78 million lottery winner sold in Paso Robles

There was unbridled joy Wednesday at Paso Robles’ suddenly-most popular service station, 1-Stop Food and Convenience at 7th and Spring streets, as news of a $78 million lottery winner spread through the quiet downtown neighborhood. Although the big winner is... (Continue reading)

SunPower agrees to cease operations after 50 years

SunPower Corp. settled a dispute with a group of litigants battling against its San Luis Obispo County solar project by agreeing to close the plant down after 50 years of operation. The 250-megawatt proposed California Valley Solar Ranch plant will... (Continue reading)

Pismo Beach Council votes against dunes rule

The Pismo Beach Council rejected a proposed fugitive dust rule for the Ocean Dunes Vehicular Recreation Area because it determined the study the rule is based on appears flawed. On Tuesday, the council voted 4-0 to send a letter to the... (Continue reading)

Wine review: Sinor-LaVallee is Mr. Pinot

By ADAM MONTIEL When I first moved here almost ten years ago, I did not see wine as approachable. Maybe the stigma with wine came from things I may have seen in TV or movies, perhaps picking up a wine... (Continue reading)

The Cork Dorks reunion and anniversary show, event photos

Over a dozen wineries and their winemakers took time away from a busy harvest to share their local wines, laughs, and experiences on Morro Bay’s beautiful Papagallo II motor yacht in Morro Bay for the The Cork Dorks reunion and... (Continue reading)

High speed, high cost for rail system

A double-digit hike in costs of California’s proposed high speed rail project will be revealed in a report today. [SacramentoBee] Estimates now top $98 billion for the plan, which would eventually move passengers through the Central Valley between Southern California... (Continue reading)

103-year-old tombstone falls on Paso Robles girl

Attorneys for the Paso Robles Cemetery District are battling over who is responsible for maintaining tombstones after an aged-grave marker fell on a four-year-old Paso Robles girl breaking her ankle. Last year, Heather Wolcott was visiting the Paso Robles Cemetery with... (Continue reading)

Dumb criminal of the month, tardy officer

A Florida Highway Patrol trooper chased a speeding vehicle Oct. 11 as it weaved through traffic at speeds of 120 miles an hour, reporting to dispatchers that her quarry was a Miami police car. [Miami Herald] When the chase ended... (Continue reading)