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Dave Congalton

Dave Congalton is a radio talk show host.

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The CCN Interview: Dennis Palumbo

By DAVID CONGALTON Writer Dennis Palumbo has many fans on the Central Coast, thanks to his regular appearances as a presenter at the Cuesta College Writers’ Conference. Palumbo knows his craft on many levels. He started out in Hollywood back in the ’70s, cranking out scripts for “Welcome Back Kotter” and “The Love Boat.” He […]... (Continue Reading)

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Skywalking at Grand Canyon West

To be honest, I didn't look down. Not at first. I edged out a few feet rather gingerly, keeping my gaze focused on the far side of the canyon wall. It didn't help that there were bratty, snotty kids, bouncing playfully up and down on the glass around me, like they were on some kind of high-altitude trampoline. And the... (Continue Reading)

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Day Trip: Chumash Casino

By DAVID CONGALTON A group of us hopped on the bus and went down to Chumash Casino today, what the casino p.r. types down in Santa Ynez playfully call “Win Country.” It can happen. We were inside the building less than five minutes when someone in the group scored $2,000 off the dollar slots. Just […]... (Continue Reading)

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Dining Out: Tahlia’s Cucina in Nipomo

By DAVID CONGALTON The area around the intersection of Thompson Road and Tefft Street is considered Old Town Nipomo, but there’s not much action in these parts. Plenty of empty lots. Very little retail. Most of the traffic seems headed for Jocko’s. But on the other side of the intersection and just down the street, […]... (Continue Reading)

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Travel: Lucky in Laughlin

By DAVID CONGALTON Laughlin, Nevada, so the story goes, is named for a man from Minnesota, turned Vegas club owner, who bought the southern tip of Nevada in 1964. Don Laughlin eventually opened the Riverside Resort on the Colorado River, featuring all-you-can-eat chicken dinners for 98 cents, 12 slot machines, two gaming tables, and 8 […]... (Continue Reading)

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Dispatches: Postcard from Arizona

By DAVID CONGALTON Greetings from the Grand Canyon State, where I have been holed up since Friday. Here until Monday morning. Four days isn’t much of a vacation, but I prefer to be away from home for only short spurts at a time, cramming as much in to each day away as possible. Today I visited Skywalk, […]... (Continue Reading)

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United Way gets ready for Kidspree

BY DAVID CONGALTON It is one of the more meaningful nonprofit events held on the Central Coast–the chance to help young boys and girls in need get the basic clothes and supplies to start off the upcoming school year literally on the right foot. For many years, United Way of San Luis Obispo sponsored “Childspree” […]... (Continue Reading)

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New Tracy Taylor art exhibit opens Thursday

  By DAVID CONGALTON Self-described “painter chick” Tracy Taylor is back with a brand new art exhibit opening Thursday at Frameworks in San Luis Obispo. Full disclosure: I’ve known Tracy for more than 18 years, since she first bounced into town in the early ’90s, setting up shop on the second floor of the Old […]... (Continue Reading)

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True Story: How the Tribune almost went to Paso

By DAVID CONGALTON The Tribune, I guess what would be formally called the San Luis Obispo County Tribune, used to be the Telegram-Tribune, and the newspaper offices used to be in a funky old building on Johnson Avenue, where Scolari’s stands today. The memories came flooding back recently when I spied former T-T publisher Julia […]... (Continue Reading)

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Movie Review: Please Give

  By DAVID CONGALTON Boy, you think living in San Luis Obispo is expensive, try New York City real estate. Kate (Catherine Keener) and Alex (Oliver Platt) have already bought the apartment of their 91-year-old next door neighbor Andra (Ann Guiulbert) and they’re essentially waiting for her to die. Then they can knock down a […]... (Continue Reading)

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