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Are officials planning to export water from the Paso Robles basin?

OPINION by JIM OLESNANIK On Oct. 8, I attended a meeting at the Creston Elementary School. The meeting was billed as a “workshop” on “Sustainable Management Criteria” and presented by the Paso Basin Cooperative Committee. The workshop was presented by Derrick Williams, project manager (consultant). Mr. Williams presented a graph reflecting a continuous decline in […]... (Continue Reading)

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Do we need the proposed Paso Robles water district?

OPINION By JIM OLESNANIK I learned long ago that before you can solve a problem, you must first identify the problem and secondly, the underlying cause of that problem. What is the problem? The “problem” is dropping water levels in the Paso Robles Water basin. What is the cause of the problem? The Tribune has […]... (Continue Reading)