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Julie Tacker

Julie Tacker is a 3 decade resident of Los Osos and a former member of the Los Osos Community Services District.

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Oceano’s non-existent general fund

By JULIE TACKER In the wake of the termination of General Manager, Tom Geaslen, the Oceano Community Services District is fielding questions from ratepayers and activists for spending district funds to advance a Cinco de Mayo celebration and a farmers’ market in the seaside community. As a longtime Geaslen critic and informed countywide activist, I […]... (Continue Reading)

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Legislative assistants cost increase $500,000 under Gibson

OPINION By JULIE TACKER In 2004, when Supervisor Debbie Arnold served as the legislative assistant to then District 5 Supervisor Mike Ryan, her salary was a respectable $3,905 a month. Supervisor Bruce Gibson was elected in 2006 and hired Mrs. Cherie Aispuro as his legislative assistant (LA) away from the county clerk’s office. The duo […]... (Continue Reading)

Gibson’s costly affair

OPINION By JULIE TACKER In a Tribune exclusive Nov. 16, 2012, San Luis Obispo County District 2 Supervisor Bruce Gibson admitted a longtime extramarital affair between he and his Legislative Assistant, Cherie Auspiro. The couple had disclosed their personal relationship to County Counsel, Rita Neal and County Administrative Officer, Dan Buckshi on November 13. Over […]... (Continue Reading)

Oceano’s unapproved water sale pursuit

OPINION By JULIE TACKER We are all aware of the decade’s long water shortage in Nipomo. For years the community has struggled with basin management, litigation and rising costs, a plight that will continue into the future. In November the community went a different political direction than it has in the past, installing repeat director […]... (Continue Reading)

The gory details of Diablo’s seismic testing

OPINION By JULIE TACKER Reading the Environmental Impact Report for the seismic testing proposed off our beautiful, so-called ‘protected’ coast, I do so with a box of tissues at my side and the tune of “Twelve Days of Christmas” dancing in my mind. Not necessarily because the testing will take place at holiday time, but […]... (Continue Reading)

OCSD misses election deadline

OPINION By JULIE TACKER In January 2011, five Oceano residents, concerned about the Oceano Community Services District Board’s consideration of selling water to local developers or other cities, crafted an initiative petition.  In less than a week they gathered 577 signatures for a proposed ballot measure. Verified signatures set the wheel in motion and the […]... (Continue Reading)

Water conservation; an important part of life in California

By JULIE TACKER In Los Osos, water conservation has now become tangled with the sewer saga and, like the project itself, the proposed $5 million water conservation plan as proposed would result in enormous costs, glaring inequities and generally a waste of money. The Los Osos water conservation plan is a flawed, cut and paste […]... (Continue Reading)

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Oceano managers pay questioned

OPINION By JULIE TACKER Oceano Community Services District (OCSD) will be “celebrating” the first anniversary of the hiring of its General Manager Tom Geaslen later this month. Geaslen worked for over eight months as “interim general manager” without a written agreement or contract, a risky move for both Geaslen and the district. Geaslen was required, […]... (Continue Reading)

Oceano’s missing audits cost to the community

OPINION By JULIE TACKER Audits are important for a number of reasons, but most importantly for the Oceano Community Services District; they are required to borrow money. The most recent missed opportunity involved the refinance of the debt associated with the seismic-retrofit of the Lopez Dam.  Historically low interest rates provided an opportunity to save […]... (Continue Reading)

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Oceano violates the Brown Act again

OPINION By JULIE TACKER At the Wednesday, March 14 Oceano Community Services District Board began their evening in what appears to have been a Brown Act violating St. Patrick’s Day dinner held in the board chambers for only staff and Board members.  It was determined a quorum of the bboard was in attendance. During the […]... (Continue Reading)

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