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Welcome in Obama Care

OPINION By STEW JENKINS For fear mongers who have tried selling doubt, facts already show that the Affordable Care Act is bringing down health insurance costs making coverage available to everyone. Passed by Congress and upheld by the United States... (Continue reading)

State’s Obamacare preparation lauded

California will be one of the first states to meet its federally-mandated health-care renovation requirements, the State Auditor’s office has reported in a new study. The insurance exchange was one of the earliest in the nation to be be formed,... (Continue reading)

Obamacare will help state’s mental patients

Implementation of the Affordable Care Act will significantly augment this state’s ability to provide mental health benefits for millions of people, a new study by the nonprofit California HealthCare Foundation suggests. (Los Angeles Times) According to details presented in the... (Continue reading)

Obamacare gaining state foothold

California officials responsible for implementation of the Affordable Care Act are in Sacramento to discuss the state’s entry into the program. One state lawmaker, Assemblyman Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, was spotlighting a new Health Access California report analyzing how this state... (Continue reading)