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The first Department of Motor Vehicles was created in 1915 with enactment of Senator F.S. Birdsell’s “Vehicle Act of 1915.” Vehicle registrations that year had climbed to 191,000.

Illegal youths may get driver’s licenses

California and Arizona are the first two states to decide if youthful illegal immigrants should be able to acquire driver’s licenses when the Obama administration grants their work permits. Arizona said no, California, yes. (San Jose Mercury News) The California... (Continue reading)

California’s ‘whale’s tail’ license plate gets remake

One of California’s most popular specialized license plates, the “whale tail,” got a makeover recently as a result of a legal battle between the California Coastal Commission and artist Robert Wyland. [San Francisco Chronicle] The commission unveiled the redesign Tuesday,... (Continue reading)

Pozo woman gets no (GUN)LOVE from DMV

A Pozo woman is taking aim at the California Department of Motor Vehicles after officials denied her request for a personalized license plate that would say GUNLOVE. Elizabeth Beeman, a card-carrying member of the NRA, learned of the DMV’s decision... (Continue reading)

DMV employee tells transgender woman: You’re going to hell

A California Department of Motor Vehicles employee is accused of sending a letter to the home of a Bay Area transgender woman calling her “an abomination” and telling her that she is going to hell. A press release from the... (Continue reading)

DMV keeps 40 percent of organ donation fees

California residents have become used to seeing the question asked on state driver’s license applications at the DMV: Are you willing to give $2 for the promotion of organ donations? Are you willing to proudly display that pink “I am... (Continue reading)