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House deemed uninhabitable, child taken from parents

While serving a warrant at a home in Grover Beach, deputies discovered a 2-year-old living in deplorable conditions and placed the child with child protective services. The house on the 100 block of Park View Avenue has been deemed uninhabitable... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo cites self for derelict property

Story and photos by DANIEL BLACKBURN Weeds as tall as a human, torn window screens, crumbling chimney bricks and a collapsed fence and arbor made the ramshackle house at 466 Dana Street a prime candidate for a visit from San... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande man battles city building officials

An Arroyo Grande man attempting to put a surf shop in the Village has called it quits and posted on the window of his property, “Building for sale. Thanks city of AG.” [Tribune] Doug DeBerti, who moved his family to... (Continue reading)

Poly House contractor battling with De Vaul

By KAREN VELIE Poly House’s plans to build an 8,000 square-foot residential sober living home on the Sunny Acres property this quarter have been abandoned because of arguments between Dan De Vaul and a contractor working with Poly House. The... (Continue reading)

Homeless plaintiff’s RV seized by SLO police

By KAREN VELIE One of the litigants in a lawsuit that claims the San Luis Obispo police department is discriminating against homeless people who sleep in their cars is now sleeping outdoors after police seized his recreational vehicle on Monday.... (Continue reading)

Cal Poly students cleaning up Sunny Acres

A group of Cal Poly students is working to bring Dan De Vaul’s 72-acre ranch and sober living facility   north of San Luis Obispo up to code. [Tribune] After years of the county battling De Vaul over code requirements, in... (Continue reading)

Disability access law may get tweaked

A Southern California lawmaker is offering a proposal to change the state’s disabilities law to combat what he calls “extortion of businesses” by exploitive individuals and lawyers. Senator Bob Dutton (R-Rancho Cucamonga) introduced legislation to allow businesses more time to... (Continue reading)

Court rules counties and cities can ban pot shops

In a decision that could impact several San Luis Obispo County medical marijuana dispensary applicants, a California appellate court ruled Wednesday that cities and counties can pass laws banning medical marijuana dispensaries. [LATimes] The decision by the 4th District Court... (Continue reading)

103-year-old tombstone falls on Paso Robles girl

Attorneys for the Paso Robles Cemetery District are battling over who is responsible for maintaining tombstones after an aged-grave marker fell on a four-year-old Paso Robles girl breaking her ankle. Last year, Heather Wolcott was visiting the Paso Robles Cemetery with... (Continue reading)

SLO points to zoning, not ordinance in fighting medical marijuana

San Luis Obispo has turned to zoning code to keep medical marijuana dispensaries out of the city. Acting Community Development Director Doug Davidson rejected three applications for medical marijuana dispensary business licenses in July, citing zoning code incompatibility, not an emergency... (Continue reading)