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SLO Mayor admits her role in anti-Dalidio development campaign

San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx answered more questions Monday following a CalCoastNews exclusive report, published last Thursday, which revealed her involvement in the closely guarded campaign to prevent the development of Ernie Dalidio’s 131 acres of San Luis Obispo... (Continue reading)

State probe casts a shadow on new San Luis Obispo mayor

A three-year state investigation into the funneling of cash and gifts to the campaigns to stop Ernie Dalidio’s proposal to develop his San Luis Obispo farmland has revealed that the city’s newly elected mayor, Jan Marx, was part of the... (Continue reading)

Copelands fined by FPPC

After four years of anonymity, Thomas and James Copeland have been identified as the principals of the LLC that committed 16 campaign violations in their fight against Ernie Dalidio’s proposed San Luis Obispo County development. California campaign rules require the transparency... (Continue reading)

FPPC to expose Dalidio’s opponents

The California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) plans to publish the names of the controversial San Luis Obispo LLC members who allegedly committed 16 campaign violations in their fight against Ernie Dalidio’s proposed development on the FPPC website. FPPC counsel Sukhi... (Continue reading)

Dalidio accused of funding farmers’ association

An e-mail distributed by the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce incorrectly claims that rancher Ernie Dalidi funded a recent controversial San Luis Obispo County Farmers’ Market Association’s advertising campaign. This has created a political firestorm over who is behind... (Continue reading)

Judge Picquet retires

San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Roger Picquet announced plans to retire from the bench, effective next Tuesday, just four months after his decision to overturn a ballot initiative was thrown out by the court of appeals. [Tribune] Picquet’s 2008... (Continue reading)

UPDATE: Unmasking Dalido’s mysterious foe

By KAREN VELIE Centervest, the group that contracted to take the torch from Ernie Dalidio and propel his proposed development through the system, has backed out, reportedly because of the economic downswing. Meanwhile, Dalido’s team continues attempts to unmask their mysterious... (Continue reading)

Enough already! Dalidio entertaining offer

By KAREN VELIE and DANIEL BLACKBURN Ernie Dalidio is abandoning a contentious, 16-year effort to develop his property along Highway 101 south of San Luis Obispo, and is negotiating an extended option agreement with a group of local investors. Dalidio declined comment... (Continue reading)

Dalido accelerates bid to develop his property

By KAREN VELIE Ernie Dalidio’s legal team launched a new offensive last week to reinstate Measure J and asked a judge to reconsider a second negative ruling in the rancorous fight over development of his San Luis Obispo County acreage. Attorney Michael... (Continue reading)