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Drought threatens Central Coast coho salmon

The lack of rain could lead to the extinction of coho salmon in the waters off the Central Coast of California. [SFGate] Following heavy winter rains, coho salmon swim up the rivers and creeks to spawn. However, many of the... (Continue reading)

Brown’s drought emergency significant to farmers

Gov. Jerry Brown is slated to declare a drought emergency today which could lead to the reallocation of water from seasonal crops to permanent crops. [CNBC] Brown’s declaration means that crops such as avocado trees would have priority over crops... (Continue reading)

California farmers removing grape vines

California farmers are ripping up grape vines and switching to higher yielding crops to cope with an ongoing drought, according to a report by San Rafael wine broker Ciatti Co. [Mercury News] The report estimates that California vintners will remove... (Continue reading)

2013, driest year on record

The driest year in recorded history has left wells dried up, golden hillsides and distressed wildlife during the typically lush rainy season. In San Luis Obispo, the city received only 4.5 inches of water in 2013, with average yearly rainfall... (Continue reading)

USDA declares SLO County agriculture disaster area

The United States Department of Agriculture has declared San Luis Obispo County an agricultural disaster area due to a recent drought. On April 10, the USDA designated San Luis Obispo and Monterey counties as primary natural disaster areas because of... (Continue reading)