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Plastic bag ban starts Monday

San Luis Obispo County residents need to add reusable bags to their shopping lists or pay 10 cents apiece for paper bags to comply with a new ordinance that goes into effect on Monday. Following impassioned arguments for and against... (Continue reading)

Farmers hear warning about global warming

California’s agricultural industry will be faced with making major amendments to farming methods and crop plantings as Earth’s climate continues its warming evolution. [San Francisco Chronicle] “Climate change is stacking the deck,” biologist Stuart Weiss said in an article prepared... (Continue reading)

Morro Bay battling California Coastal Commission

While Morro Bay needs to upgrade its aging sewer plant, can it afford the extra $60 million in cost needed to comply with the California Coastal Commission’s recommendation that the plant be moved a mile from the coastline? California’s coastal... (Continue reading)

Central Coast otters battle climate change

Sea otters are now being touted for helping to fight global warming, according to a pair of scientists from UC Santa Cruz. [MercuryNews] The reasoning is really fairly simple: kelp removes carbon from the environment, sea urchins are ravenous creatures... (Continue reading)

PG&E’s pending assault on the sea and gray whales

OPINION By ROGER CLEARY Some say, short of thermonuclear war, PG&E’s Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, with its radioactive, spent fuel posing a toxic hazard lasting longer than we Homo sapiens have populated this planet presents the biggest threat to... (Continue reading)

CEQA faces changes

A proposal to loosen the California Environmental Quality Act is expected to be introduced in Sacramento as soon as Thursday, giving the public and lawmakers only about a week to debate and consider the controversial legislation’s fate. [SFGate] Backers of... (Continue reading)

All steamed up over fatal oak blight

A new way has been found to battle a particularly lethal plant disease called sudden oak death, which periodically plagues this region and can cause huge financial losses. The baffling and complex disease, it has been discovered, can be eradicated... (Continue reading)

Push to list great white sharks as endangered

Environmentalists have petitioned the state and federal governments to have great white sharks off the coast of California declared endangered. [LATimes] According to recent studies, about 220 adult and near-adult great white sharks inhabit the waters of California’s central coast... (Continue reading)

Huasna oil plan stirs comment

County supervisors Tuesday listened to a parade of people during a half-day public hearing as they voiced opinions on a proposed Excelaron oil drilling plan in rural Huasna Valley. No action by the board is expected until August 21. Opponents... (Continue reading)

Vandals destroy 30 trees at Cuesta College

Vandals uprooted 30 trees, valued at $4,000,  near the entrance to Cuesta College’s North County Campus in Paso Robles last week. As a result of the vandalism, the campus is planning to install security cameras and replace the  stolen greenery... (Continue reading)