Huasna oil plan stirs comment

May 16, 2012

County supervisors Tuesday listened to a parade of people during a half-day public hearing as they voiced opinions on a proposed Excelaron oil drilling plan in rural Huasna Valley. No action by the board is expected until August 21.

Opponents of the plan cited general objections and expressed fears that the Excelaron company’s operations would create noise and fire potential and involve procedures not yet publicly discussed.

The plan currently calls for drilling as many as 12 wells on the Mankin Ranch to produce 1,000 barrels of oil daily.

The county planning commission denied the project in March, but Excelaron officials changed their plans to mitigate those expressed concerns. They have introduced a new drilling plan to reduce noise and visual issues.

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People that oppose the drilling should have to walk to work for a week. Just like people that oppose Diablo should not be able to use their lights. Pretty simple folks, we will extract every gallon of oil out of this earth before we move to other new sources of energy. When we start trying to move away from oil like putting in all the solar panels in Calif. Valley, people oppose that. It is called NIMBY. Not in my back yard.

Should we also have to drink the polluted water or breathe the polluted air ,or east the dead wildlife that oil operations like this commonly leave us suffering from ?

But, tell you what, if this disaster of an oil operation is denied I will consider walking to work for a week. I don’t mind a small sacrifice if it means upholding the quality of life in SLO County. What about you?

But you know what, we can deny this project and I bet there will be enough gasoline available for me to drive to work for the rest of my life. Correct?

Along with any denial to produce oil in the valley, there needs to be an associated denial of ANY vehicles hauling more than 100 gallons of ANY petroleum product. If the residents are going to throw a hissy fit over oil trucks, they need to find alternate sources of heating oil/propane delivery in the valley.

It is the only logical option…


Actually, chopr, your are absolutely incorrect. That is not the only “logical option.” Get real, please!

Everybody loves a parade!

After the oil companies finished extracting oil in the Guadalupe Dunes, at LEAST 11 million gallons of highly toxic and corrosive solvents were left behind in the ground and in the aquifer where most of it remains today despite millions of dollars spent to try (or pretend) to clean up the mess. But the pollution remains and continues to threaten the health of the community.

It is not possible to extract the type of crude oil in Huasna without using massive amounts of toxic solvents.

What ever happens, test holes need to occur so that the neighbors, not us, can pay for their choice of the taking. They should not have to pay more than the assayed value and save face to the rights of others.

Don’t worry, the oppression in a sunset crowd will take a break from canning rainbows and herding unicorns to find something to complain about. After all, it’s only fair.

Excellent post!!!

Meaningless post!!!

Meaningless????? Then why would you take the time to comment?