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Mount Rushmore: Four heads are better than one

By DAVID CONGALTON There are two places in this country that everyone should experience before they exit. One is the Grand Canyon, and the other has to be Mount Rushmore. Rushmore has drawn millions of visitors from around the world,... (Continue reading)

California law requires schools to teach LGBT history

Public schools in California will be required to teach students about the contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans starting Jan. 1 after Gov. Jerry Brown  signed a controversial bill on Thursday. [SFGate] Social sciences curriculum textbooks now must... (Continue reading)

Defending our right to speak

OPINION By ROGER FREBERG When I first set about to write this article, I was reminded about the many situations in which our free expression of ideas can land us in hot water. Exercising your free speech is not without... (Continue reading)

Princess Palms and beheadings: high times turn hairy

Actor turned developer John King and some of his early business investments in the 1960s, notably in Warehouse Sound Co. and California Cooperage, undoubtedly paid off big and afforded him with greater opportunities. But not everything King touched turned to gold. On... (Continue reading)

The life and times of John King

Love him or hate him, it is indisputable John King’s ventures have in many ways helped restore the aesthetic glory to downtown San Luis Obispo and molded the local hospitality industry thriving today. But in these economically challenging times even... (Continue reading)

Oceano manager’s history of mismanagement

Amid allegations of mismanagement, some former Oceano Community Service District (OCSD) directors question how similar problems from General Manager Raffaele Montemurro’s past were not disclosed in a background check performed shortly before his hiring in 2009. During Montemurro’s two-year stint as... (Continue reading)

Getting ready to party on “Yuri’s Night”

Tuesday night is going to be a great party night—if you’re a nerd. About 300 parties are expected to happen from Los Angeles to Moscow, all marking the 50th anniversary of the first human to ever fly in space. [LA... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo gets more “happy” press

San Luis Obispo gets another plug as the nation’s happiest city--this time from one of the country’s leading newspapers, USA Today. The Central Coast city was featured in the life and travel section of Friday’s USA Today newspaper and can also... (Continue reading)

Thoughts on the winter solstice

BY BILL DENNEEN All cultures have a ceremony of some sort around Dec. 21st—Hanaukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzza, Christmas. The term “solstice” is derived from two Latin words:”sol” meaning sun and “sistere” meaning to stand still. It occurs when the earth’s axial... (Continue reading)

The Beatles come together for a photo shoot

On this 30th anniversary of the murder of John Lennon, let’s pause and have a Beatles flashback. Thanks to Jeff B. for sending along this rarely-seen, but classic photo of John, Ringo, Paul, and George, only moments away from shooting... (Continue reading)