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Ian Parkinson: Witness for hire

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff candidate Ian Parkinson’s testimony as an expert witness in a 2000 civil case helped his sister-in-law Rita Tavernetti collect a $1.4 million dollar settlement, causing some to question Parkinson's ethics. By his own account, Parkinson, currently... (Continue reading)

The candidate and the TV commercial

OPINION BY DON REGAN, Ph.D. A question, relative to the current Sheriff’s race–Why is one principle candidate for Sheriff now the TV spokesperson for a local loan Company, in which his wife has a direct and immediate vested interest? It... (Continue reading)

Update: Parkinson unaware of tax liens?

In response to allegations that San Luis Obispo County Sheriff candidate Ian Parkinson was untruthful when he said that he has never had any tax liens, attorney John Ronca said his candidate had paid off three liens and asserts Parkinson... (Continue reading)

Ian Parkinson’s tax woes

Tax collectors have filed six tax liens in the past 10 years against Ian Parkinson, the current front runner for San Luis Obispo County Sheriff, because of his failure to pay taxes on properties and recreational vehicles. In June 2006, the... (Continue reading)

Sheriff’s spokesman Bryn in Parkinson’s corner

By DANIEL BLACKBURN Sheriff Pat Hedges won’t endorse a successor just yet, but his department spokesman isn’t bashful about trumpeting his choice. Rob Bryn wrote and distributed a press release last week announcing the candidacy of Ian Parkinson, a captain in... (Continue reading)