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Public pension reform bill inked

Gov. Jerry Brown Tuesday called the state’s public pension system “a big ship” which is slowly being turned in the right direction by reform legislation he’s set to sign. (Sacramento Bee) But faced with complaints that the pension reduction bill... (Continue reading)

New fees for rural SLO County residents

Later this week, thousands of San Luis Obispo County rural residents will begin receiving bills for a new annual “fire prevention fee” levied by the state of California and criticized by opponents as unnecessary and illegal. Gov. Jerry Brown proposed... (Continue reading)

Parks may get big money boost

 A veritable state parks windfall of $54 million may help keep some facilities from closing after Gov. Jerry Brown met Monday with lawmakers to discuss the matter. (San Francisco Chronicle) It was learned late last week that the department had... (Continue reading)

State parks hoarded $54 million, claimed budget shortfall

The director of California’s state parks resigned and a deputy was fired Friday following the discovery the  department had stashed away nearly $54 million in surplus money while parks were threatened with closures because of budget cuts. While the under-reported... (Continue reading)

State voters still like tax plan

Potential voting support for Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax increase initiative plan remains fairly strong, according to the results of the latest Field Poll. The measure would increase for seven years state personal income taxes on persons earning more than $250,000,... (Continue reading)

Brown down, tax plan up

Gov. Jerry Brown’s popularity is slipping, but support for his tax initiative proposal is gaining traction . [Sacramento Bee] Poll results from the Public Policy Institute of California show that for the first time since taking office, Brown’s approval rating... (Continue reading)

County schools drowning in deficits

Five San Luis Obispo County school districts have made the state’s list of most fiscally endangered, and California Superintendent of Schools Tom Torlakson said those districts, and more than 180 others in this state, face bankruptcy — a record number.... (Continue reading)

Courts choking on cash deficit

Deep budget cuts to state courts proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown have judges predicting a “rationing” of justice. [San Francisco Chronicle] Brown wants to shave $544 million from the court system budget as part of the governor’s plan to close... (Continue reading)

Public pension reform gaining traction

By DANIEL BLACKBURN As a subject of general discussion, California’s skyrocketing public pension situation has come a long way in a very short time, one of the state’s leading authorities on the subject said Thursday. Marcia Fritz, president of the... (Continue reading)

Tax gap costing all Californians

Potential tax dollars lost to the “underground economy” deprives California’s coffers of as much as $10 billion annually, a study by the state’s Franchise Tax Board suggests. Other tax-avoiding techniques contribute to the deficit, the study notes, such as non-filing... (Continue reading)