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Tax gap costing all Californians

Potential tax dollars lost to the “underground economy” deprives California’s coffers of as much as $10 billion annually, a study by the state’s Franchise Tax Board suggests. Other tax-avoiding techniques contribute to the deficit, the study notes, such as non-filing... (Continue reading)

State Parks’ plan seeks to avoid closures

A variety of plans to manage the state park system to avoid widespread closures of California’s 278 facilities has been completed by the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) and distributed to lawmakers. Financial problems plaguing the system still may result in... (Continue reading)

Brown maintains favorable standing

Gov. Jerry Brown still has a favorable approval rating, according to a new Field Poll just released, but the state’s lawmaking body did not fare nearly as well. Brown’s approval has slipped slightly from last year, but he still commands... (Continue reading)

Big bucks tax plans gaining ground

Strong statewide support exists for imposition of a so-called “millionaires’ tax” as California residents indicate fatigue with budget austerity. [SanFranciscoChronicle] A recently released Field Poll shows that sentiment is growing for a higher tax rate for high income earners. Several... (Continue reading)

Proposed Medi-Cal changes questioned

Major changes for the state’s medical program for the needy are in the works, even as legislative advisers and advocates raise major questions. [CaliforniaWatch] Changes include more seniors being routed to managed care programs, a reinvention of how hospitals are... (Continue reading)

SLO city, union hit impasse

San Luis Obispo city Manager Katie Lichtig announced negotiations with the employees’ union have stalled prompting the city to officially report Wednesday that their bargaining efforts are at an impasse. As a result, negotiations will transition into a more formal... (Continue reading)

Affirmative action fight not over yet

Another scrap is brewing in the protracted battle over preferred treatment for minority student applicants to California schools as opposition to Proposition 209 lingers. SanFranciscoChronicle Challenging the 1996 voter ban on affirmative action based on race or gender are 55... (Continue reading)

SLO employees’ union negotiations stall, tensions mount

UPDATE: Includes a statement by San Luis Obispo Employees Association Vice President Madelyn Paasch that says city negotiators first declared an impasse. Amidst allegations of bargaining in bad faith, contract negotiations between the city of San Luis Obispo and its... (Continue reading)

Feds nix plan for Medi-Cal co-pays

An effort by the Gov. Jerry Brown’s administration to raise nearly $300 million through Medi-Cal co-payments has been quashed by federal officials. [Sacramento Bee] The unprecedented state plan was to assess a pay-per-visit fee for low-income Medi-Cal patients, and to... (Continue reading)

Gov. Brown’s pension reform plans

Gov. Jerry Brown has provided the language for his 12-point pension reform plan to the Legislature’s Conference Committee on Public Employee Pensions. [SacramentoBee] Before the governor’s plan can be placed on the Nov. 6 ballot, a two-thirds majority vote of... (Continue reading)

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