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Dolphins, seals and sea lions found dead on Central Coast beaches

By JOSH FRIEDMAN Members of the public are finding numerous sick or deceased marine mammals on Central Coast beaches, raising concerns about ocean water quality and a harmful algae bloom. [KCOY] Since mid-May, the Channel Islands Marine & Wildlife Institute... (Continue reading)

Why did the California elephant seal cross the road?

A “very large, very determined elephant seal” insists on crossing Highway 37 in Sonoma County. The mammal, which weighs nearly 1,000 pounds, blocked traffic on the highway Monday afternoon. [SF Chronicle] Around 1 p.m., the California Highway Patrol received calls... (Continue reading)

Hundreds of California sea lions starving

Along Central Coast beaches, more than 500 dead or starving sea lions have washed up on the shore this year. Typically, there would be about 10 stranded pups by this time of the year. [KSBY] People and agencies are dropping... (Continue reading)