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Oceano medical marijuana dispensary rejected

After listening to arguments for and against a proposed medical marijuana dispensary in Oceano, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday to reject the facility. Supervisors said the proposed South Fourth Street location violated the... (Continue reading)

Feds rationalize pot law pursuit

A top U.S. attorney Tuesday reemphasized the federal government’s continuing interest in busting medical marijuana dispensaries in California. In a Sacramento Press Club talk, Benjamin Wagner of the Eastern District attempted to explain the reasons that stepped-up enforcement has resulted... (Continue reading)

Pot dispensaries, an answer to budget shortfalls?

Federal and city authorities continue to send conflicting messages to those Californians looking to open marijuana dispensaries. [SFChronicle] This February, officials within the city of Oakland are expected to grant permits to four new pot shops, doubling the number of... (Continue reading)

Six more medical marijuana cases dismissed

After more than a year of courtroom hearings, the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s office told the court it could not move ahead with its cases against six of the dozen arrested in 2010 for selling medical marijuana. [SLONewTimes]... (Continue reading)

Federal prosecutors seize four more pot-shop buildings

As part of a continuing crack down on California’s medical marijuana dispensaries, federal prosecutors filed forfeiture actions against the owners of four properties housing marijuana storefronts In Los Angeles and Orange counties on Wednesday, according to a press release. U.S.... (Continue reading)

Paltry pot inventory pushes prices up

Supply, demand, plant mold, and federal busts are pushing up the price of marijuana in California. [California Watch] And braced by threats from the U.S. Justice Department, property owners who rent to dispensaries now face the possibility of their property... (Continue reading)

Court rules counties and cities can ban pot shops

In a decision that could impact several San Luis Obispo County medical marijuana dispensary applicants, a California appellate court ruled Wednesday that cities and counties can pass laws banning medical marijuana dispensaries. [LATimes] The decision by the 4th District Court... (Continue reading)

Pot shop approval budding?

San Luis Obispo County planning officials Thursday approved an application to open a medical marijuana collective in Oceano, but more authoritative opposition may be firing up. The 4-1 vote marked the second time the Planning Commission has approved such a... (Continue reading)

Rand retracts controversial marijuana and crime study

The Rand Corp. on Monday retracted a controversial report on crime around Los Angeles medical marijuana clinics after discovering major flaws in the study’s methodology. [LA Times] The Santa Monica research institution, one of the most prestigious in the nation,... (Continue reading)

SLO points to zoning, not ordinance in fighting medical marijuana

San Luis Obispo has turned to zoning code to keep medical marijuana dispensaries out of the city. Acting Community Development Director Doug Davidson rejected three applications for medical marijuana dispensary business licenses in July, citing zoning code incompatibility, not an emergency... (Continue reading)