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Movie review: X-Men First Class

By MIRANDA FORESMAN Prequels have a reputation for being less than satisfying. After all, who goes back and reads the prologue after reading through the book? The allure for X-Men: First Class is not solely the story but more so... (Continue reading)

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean 4

BY MIRANDA FORESMAN Johnny Depp may never play anyone else as well as he does Jack Sparrow. Captain Jack Sparrow, to be precise. In Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, he does what only Depp can do: make a... (Continue reading)

Movie Review: Win Win

BY MIRANDA FORESMAN Have you ever decided to see a film after seeing its trailer, hoping against hope that the movie itself holds even better material than those clips released in the promo? Win Win actually gives you those golden... (Continue reading)

Movie Review: I Am

BY MIRANDA FORESMAN From the mastermind behind such comedies as Ace Ventura, Liar Liar, and Bruce Almighty comes the documentary film I Am, which directs each of us to do our part at not making the future a detestable wreck... (Continue reading)

Movie Review: The Lincoln Lawyer delivers

BY MIRANDA FORESMAN The Lincoln Lawyer, starring Matthew McConaughey as  the slick Mick Haller, is a legal thriller centered around a trial lawyer who faces off with a client that challenges his balance of legal obligation, moral composition, and basic... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo Film Festival kicks off March 9

BY COLIN JONES Now in its 17th year, the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival (SLOIFF) has become a Central Coast staple, much like the Morro Bay Harbor Festival and the Mid-State Fair.  While 2011 promises to build on past... (Continue reading)

“More Than Stars” shoots in San Luis Obispo

A low-budget independent movie, based on the experiences of a former New Times writer, is currently being shot in and around San Luis Obispo. The second week of a planned 16-day shoot for “More Than Stars” has wrapped. Directed by... (Continue reading)

State workers urge boycott of Arnold’s new movie

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger apparently feels that state workers are expendable–at least on Furlough Fridays. Now some are trying to repay the governor by urging a boycott of his new movie, opening this Friday, “The Expendables.” [California Watch] In truth, the... (Continue reading)

Zac Efron gets the LA Times treatment

Arroyo Grande’s Zac Efron gets the star treatment on the eve of his first attempt at a commercially dramatic movie role in “Charlie St. Cloud.” [LA Times] The young actor grew up in Arroyo Grande and graduated from AGHS. His... (Continue reading)

Movie Review: Please Give

  By DAVID CONGALTON Boy, you think living in San Luis Obispo is expensive, try New York City real estate. Kate (Catherine Keener) and Alex (Oliver Platt) have already bought the apartment of their 91-year-old next door neighbor Andra (Ann... (Continue reading)