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Coastal Commission approves Pismo Beach seawall

The California Coastal Commission approved a proposed Pismo Beach seawall Wednesday at its meeting in the city of Pismo Beach. City officials say that a seawall is necessary near Memory Park in Shell Beach at Seacliff Drive and Baker Avenue... (Continue reading)

Avila Beach under health advisory

San Luis Obispo County health officials have posted warnings of poor water quality at Avila Beach. Following a heavy rain, health officials warn that bacteria, pathogens, worms and viruses can end up in the ocean and suggest staying out of... (Continue reading)

Sanitation district regulatory woes escalate

By KAREN VELIE The South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District is facing another fine for the third release of improperly treated sewage into the Pacific Ocean in less than four months, with each release larger than its predecessor. Sanitation... (Continue reading)

Thousands of squid attract sharks to the Central Coast

An abundance of Humboldt squid, which have been spotted in the Pacific Ocean along the Central Coast of California, could be attracting sharks. [KCOY] During El Niño years, the squid, which grow up to 6 feet and 100 pounds, venture... (Continue reading)

Central Coast otters battle climate change

Sea otters are now being touted for helping to fight global warming, according to a pair of scientists from UC Santa Cruz. [MercuryNews] The reasoning is really fairly simple: kelp removes carbon from the environment, sea urchins are ravenous creatures... (Continue reading)

Tsunami debris reaches West Coast

More than a year after a tsunami ripped a large dock from Japan’s shoreline, the 66-foot metal and concrete structure washed up on an Oregon beach. [USAToday] Japanese officials estimate the tsunami washed about 5 million tons of debris into... (Continue reading)

Horse rescued after swimming out to sea

Santa Barbara Harbor Patrol crews rescued a horse they discovered swimming in the ocean about 2.5 miles from shore on Tuesday shortly before sunset. The Arabian horse named William swam out to sea after being spooked by waves during a... (Continue reading)

Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant temporary shut down

Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant has completely shut down because of another influx of sea salp – a small, jellyfish-like organism – clogging the intake valves in the unit two reactor. Plant officials said unit two, which was operating at 24... (Continue reading)

Jellyfish-like creature forces Diablo into partial shutdown

An influx of a jellyfish-like creature into the intake at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant has forced operators to reduce power to 15 percent capacity. On Monday night, operators discovered a clog of a small barrel-shaped plankton called salps in... (Continue reading)

3 bodies found off California Coast

U.S Coast Guard crews searching for a missing fishing vessel found four bodies near a capsized vehicle on Sunday. [Noozhawk] Three of the bodies were pulled from the ocean near Platts Harbor, about 25 miles south of Santa Barbara, and... (Continue reading)